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Spider Lily

Spider Lily

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Result: 6 products. Spider lilies are eye-catching flowers. Spider Lily plant is a joy to grow inside because of its elegant immaculate white blossoms. All summer long these . . . read more >


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About Spider Lily

Spider lilies are eye-catching flowers. Spider Lily plant is a joy to grow inside because of its elegant immaculate white blossoms.

All summer long these one-of-a-kind blooms will resemble spiders slithering across your flowers shelving unit filling your home with a pleasant vanilla smell.

Atop a long bare stem, these plants produce a cluster of gracefully curled petals with extraordinarily long filaments that lay flat forth.

When spider lilies bloom they don't have any foliage. They are a wonderful flower to be in your home and work as well in lawns and gardens.

spider lily bulbs

Spider Lily Bulbs are the origin of all spider lilies. The majority bloom in the spring and fall then die back in the summer. Plant spider lily bulbs in late summer and maintain the soil dry as they start to wither and die down during that time.

Plant spider lily bulbs so the tops of the bulb necks are level with or just above the soil surface. Bulbs should be planted 8 inches deep with 6 to 12 inch spacing between them. In the spring detach offsets from the parent bulb and pot them.

Water newly planted bulbs only as needed until new growth appears. When the blossoms start to get smaller divide the bulbs. Every three to five years this is usually required.

spider lily flower

Spider lilies are gorgeous flower plants known for their unique appearance with spindly blooms that mimic spider legs. Long dark-green stems emerge in late summer and are crowned by stunning white or red flowers that resemble spider legs.

Silvery strap-like leaves appear in the fall after flowering has over. Spider lilies are not only beautiful to look at but they also attract hummingbirds butterflies and beneficial insects. These lovely lilies are simple to care for.

Give them plenty of water during the growing season amend the soil with sand for quick drainage and place them in a location that will provide them with several hours of strong filtered light.

Type Of Spider Lily

The Amaryllidaceae family includes the perennial spider lily plants. There are over a dozen different species of plants.

One of the largest spider lilies is the golden spider lily Lycoris aurea. The plant is also called as the golden hurricane lily because of its vivid yellow-orange aromatic blossoms.

The popular red spider flower Lycoris Radiata is often known as the naked lily features tiny curled petals and whisker-like stamens. The orange spider lily Lycoris sanguinea and the little pink spider lily Lycoris sprengeri have 2.5-inch-wide flowers and plants that can reach 2 feet tall.

The big fragrant flowers of the magic lily Lycoris squamigera have enormous blossoms in pink rose and lilac colors. The blooms can reach a width of 3 inches.

Spider lily is the common name for a number of different plants within the family Amaryllidaceae

Common Type of Spider Lily

  • Crinum  Lily
  • Hymenocallis  Lily
  • Lycoris Lily
  • Nerine Lily

 Elegant, pristine white flowers make Spider Lily plant a joy to grow indoors.


can spider lily grow in water?

The beach spider lily a bulb-based plant thrives in a variety of aquatic and low-maintenance habitats.

is spider lily an indoor plant?

Spider Lily plant is a joy to grow inside because of its elegant immaculate white blossoms.

can spider lilies easy to grow with bulbs?

Spider lily bulbs are uncommon however they can occasionally be found at nurseries and online flower delivery services. These amaryllis cousins are just as simple to grow and certainly worth looking for. Despite the fact that they are only summer bloomers they bring a lot of personality to any indoor plant collection.

where do spider lily grow?

North American, spider lilies are likewise in the amaryllis family however they belong to the genus Hymenocallis.

where to buy spider lily bulbs?

You can explore and buy a wide variety of spider lily bulbs from nurserylive.