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Buy plants online in Bangalore

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Buy plants online in Bangalore

Are you a dweller of Bangalore who want to have a joyful and healthy garden to enjoy?

Do you want to start living a more sustainable lifestyle and eating healthier foods, but don't know what to grow in Bangalore's climate?

Don't worry, Nurserylive is here to help you solve your problems with a beautiful garden in Bangalore.

Nurserylive is an all-in-one online gardening store in India that meets all of your home gardening needs. You can acquire all the garden goods you need online at nurserylive, whether you want to create a vertical garden on your balcony or a terrace garden on your property.

So if you are looking to Buy Plants Online in Bangalore, look no further than Nurserylive.

But first,let’s discuss why you need to have a garden in your apartment or house?

Importance of Gardening In Bangalore

A lovely garden is more than just a thing to admire in glossy magazines. The health advantages of gardening — from physical activity (calorie burn!) to the fruits (and vegetables) of your labour — are compelling reasons to plant a garden.

To begin with, Gardening is a great way to get some exercise that involves both cardio and aerobic activity. According to studies, moderate gardening can burn up to 400 calories each hour.

Gardening necessitates a variety of stances involving stretches, muscle tension, and walking movements, all of which add up to a serious exercise while caring for your patch.

Learning blooms in gardens. One of the advantages of gardens is that they encourage curiosity and learning by providing a real-life classroom where students may observe life science in action.

There are also emotional benefits, such as connecting with your children when gardening as a family and witnessing a seed grow into a plant as a result of your efforts. Time spent working together in the garden, according to the experts, strengthened family unity.

Food prices are rising, particularly for organic vegetables. A garden provides fresh, great-tasting organically grown food for a fraction of the cost of grocery store food. Sounds like a nice offer, right?

All fresh veggies for good health. Gardening satisfies many of our senses and helps us feel more connected to our food, allowing us to savour it more fully.

Why is Bangalore one of India's best cities for gardening?

Bangalore, often known as the Garden City of India, is known for its lush greenery and pleasant weather. Due to its high elevation above sea level, Bengaluru has a tropical savanna climate with distinct wet and dry seasons for the most of the year.

The minimum temperature drops to 15, while the highest temperature reaches 35 degrees. This permits most plants to thrive in Bengaluru, and some, in particular, thrive exceptionally well, as we will discuss later.

Bengaluru's soil types range from Red Laterite to Red, fine loamy, and clayey, with a favourable soil composition. Both of these red soils are iron-rich and conducive to the growth of a variety of plants, including Bengal gramme, green gramme, groundnut, and castor seeds.

This soil can be used to grow vegetables or fruits for a terrace or balcony garden with the addition of a few more components.

Why Should Millenials Buy Plants Online in Bangalore ?

According to The Telegraph, Millennials are buying more plants than their parents, according to a study published this spring.

Their Instagram feeds aren't the only ones that are turning green. A crazed movement is fueled by a desire to nurture and be connected to nature.

But why should tech-savvy millenials be surrounded by more greenery?

It's in the ABCs of plant appreciation: "A" for aesthetics, "B" for biology, because people are fascinated by how plants grow, reproduce, and survive, and "C" for companionship.

When you have a plant for a long time, you establish a real relationship with it, just like you do with your dog or cat, and millenials crave connection.

Plants provide a sense of control and accomplishment to our age, which is nervous and overworked. Unfortunately, this generation does not get to see much of the fruits of our labour, and they need that sense of success.

All of the internet connectivity creates a sense of isolation, and gardening can be utilised to reconnect with nature, especially in urban areas.

So this age has a wealth of resources at their disposal, and one of them is online nurseries. Nurserylive can send plants directly to your door without any effort or worry.

Why is gardening going to be so important in the next years?

Since the Pandemic, we have had some important reflections and changes in our way of life.

We have begun to place a greater emphasis on living in a sustainable manner. We now wish to relieve some of the load on Mother Earth and make the world a better place.

Now that the third wave is predicted, we need to start looking for methods to reconnect with nature. To maintain mental equilibrium in these turbulent times, you should begin gardening. Gardening can help you stay healthy at a time when we all need our immune systems to be at their best to battle the virus.

There are so many good reasons to start a garden, even if it's only a small herb garden in your kitchen, this year in particular. When you're eating freshly picked cucumbers or herbs, your future self will thank you.

Why Nurserylive is Best place To Buy Plants Online in Bangalore?

Nurserylive sells and wholesales high-quality indoor and outdoor plants at a reasonable price. Customers have doubled their orders since using our products, indicating that our products and services are becoming increasingly popular.

Nurserylive, an online garden store, has maintained its goal of providing the greatest garden service in order to provide complete garden solutions to help you realise your dreams.

We take ourselves in having a large selection of high-quality products, prompt shipping, and outstanding customer service.
Scroll down to see all of Nurserylive's items, including plants, seeds, accessories, planters, workshops, and more, to create your dream garden in Bangalore.

Happy gardening!

Indoor plants online in Bangalore

Looking to spruce up your living space with some greenery? Check out our collection of indoor plants that are perfect for small spaces and can be conveniently ordered online from the comfort of your home. From low-maintenance succulents to air-purifying plants, we've got it all.

Outdoor plants online in Bangalore

Want to create a beautiful garden or balcony filled with colorful blooms and lush foliage? Our collection of outdoor plants has everything you need. Choose from flowering plants, shrubs, and trees that are suitable for Bangalore's climate and can be easily ordered online.

Medicinal plants online in Bangalore

Interested in alternative medicine? Explore our range of medicinal plants that can be used for natural healing and wellness. From aloe vera to neem and tulsi, we have a variety of plants that are known for their therapeutic properties.

Flowering plants online in Bangalore

Nothing brightens up a space like a beautiful flowering plant. From roses to lilies, our collection of flowering plants is sure to impress. Order online and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Succulent plants online in Bangalore

Looking for low-maintenance plants that are easy to care for? Check out our collection of succulents. These plants store water in their leaves, making them perfect for people who don't have a green thumb.

Air-purifying plants online in Bangalore

Worried about the air quality in your home? Our collection of air-purifying plants can help. These plants filter out harmful toxins from the air, leaving you with clean and fresh indoor air.

Foliage plants online in Bangalore

If you're looking for plants that add a touch of greenery to your space but don't require too much attention, then our collection of foliage plants is perfect for you. These plants have beautiful leaves that come in various shapes and sizes.

Bamboo plants online in Bangalore

Bamboo plants are known for their elegant look and calming effect. They also have the ability to purify the air and add oxygen to your surroundings. Order our bamboo plants online and create a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

Bonsai plants online in Bangalore

Bonsai plants are perfect for people who want to cultivate their patience and attention to detail. These miniature trees require special care and attention but are rewarding to grow. Order your bonsai plant online and start your journey as a bonsai gardener.

Cactus plants online in Bangalore

Cactus plants are perfect for people who want to add some unique and interesting plants to their collection. These plants have a unique appearance and require minimal watering. Order your cactus plant online and make your space stand out.

Money plants online in Bangalore

Money plants are known for their ability to bring good luck and prosperity. They are also easy to care for and require minimal attention. Order your money plant online and invite good fortune into your home.

Herbs plants online in Bangalore

Herbs plants are perfect for people who love to cook. Fresh herbs not only add flavor to your dishes but also have medicinal properties. Order your herbs plant online and enjoy fresh herbs all year round.

Climbing plants online in Bangalore

Climbing plants are perfect for people who want to add some vertical interest to their garden or balcony. These plants grow up trellises or walls, adding a unique look to your space. Order your climbing plant online and start growing your own living wall.

Fruit plants online in Bangalore

Fruit plants are perfect for people who want to enjoy fresh and organic fruits. We have a variety of fruit plants such as mango, guava, and lemon that can be ordered online and grown in your backyard or balcony

Shade-loving plants online in Bangalore

If your balcony or garden doesn't receive much sunlight, don't worry. Our collection of shade-loving plants can add some greenery to your space. From ferns to hostas, we have a variety of plants that can thrive in low light conditions.

Aquatic plants online in Bangalore

Want to add some aquatic plants to your aquarium or pond? Our collection of aquatic plants is perfect for people who want to create a beautiful underwater garden. From water lilies to lotuses, we have a variety of plants that can be ordered online.

Ornamental plants online in Bangalore

Ornamental plants are perfect for people who want to add some visual interest to their space. These plants are known for their beautiful and unique appearance. Order your ornamental plant online and make your space stand out.

Hanging plants online in Bangalore

Hanging plants are perfect for people who want to utilize vertical space. These plants are easy to care for and can add a touch of greenery to any room. Order your hanging plant online and start hanging.

Eco-friendly plants online in Bangalore

If you're looking for plants that are eco-friendly and sustainable, then our collection of eco-friendly plants is perfect for you. These plants are known for their ability to purify the air and promote environmental well-being.

Rare plants online in Bangalore

For people who want to add some unique and rare plants to their collection, check out our collection of rare plants. These plants are hard to find and are perfect for collectors or plant enthusiasts. Order your rare plant online and become the envy of your friends and neighbors.


What kind of plants can I buy online in Bangalore from Nurserylive?

At Nurserylive, we offer a wide range of plants that can be purchased online in Bangalore. Our collection includes indoor and outdoor plants, medicinal plants, flowering plants, succulent plants, air-purifying plants, foliage plants, bamboo plants, bonsai plants, cactus plants, money plants, herbs plants, climbing plants, fruit plants, shade-loving plants, aquatic plants, ornamental plants, hanging plants, eco-friendly plants, and rare plants.

Can I get my plants delivered to my home in Bangalore?

Yes, we provide home delivery services for all plants ordered from our website. We deliver to all locations in Bangalore, and our delivery charges are based on the distance from our nursery to your location. We also ensure that the plants are delivered safely and in good condition.

How can I care for my plants after receiving them?

We provide detailed instructions on how to care for each plant you order from us. Our experts will guide you through the care process and provide tips on how to keep your plants healthy and thriving. We also offer after-sale support and assistance to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase.

Can I return or exchange plants that I'm not satisfied with?

We have a hassle-free return and exchange policy for all our customers. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return or exchange the plants within a specified period. Please read our return and exchange policy on our website for more information.

Do you provide any discounts or offers on plants?

Yes, we offer discounts and special offers on plants from time to time. You can check our website or sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on our latest offers and discounts. We also provide discounts for bulk orders and regular customers.

Can I order plants as gifts for my friends and family in Bangalore?

Yes, you can order plants as gifts for your friends and family in Bangalore. We provide gift-wrapping services and personalized notes with your order. We also have a wide range of plants that make perfect gifts for all occasions.

Are your plants healthy and free from pests and diseases?

We take great care to ensure that all our plants are healthy and free from pests and diseases. We have a team of experts who inspect each plant before shipping to ensure that they are in good condition. We also provide advice on how to prevent and control pests and diseases.

How can I track my order?

We provide order tracking services for all our customers. Once your order has been shipped, we will send you a tracking number via email. You can use this number to track your order online and receive updates on its delivery status.

Do you provide any plant care services?

Yes, we provide plant care services for our customers. Our experts can visit your home and provide on-site care for your plants. We also offer advice and guidance on how to care for your plants and troubleshoot any issues you may be facing.

How can I contact Nurserylive for any queries or assistance?

You can contact us via email, phone, or chat on our website. We have a dedicated customer support team that is available to assist you with any queries or issues you may have. We strive to provide excellent customer service and ensure that all our customers are satisfied with their purchases.