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Buy plants online in Guwahati

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Buy plants online in Guwahati

Do you live in Guwahati and wish your apartment had a garden? Do you want to learn how to garden and experience the abundance and peace that it can bring to your life?

Are you too preoccupied to visit offline nurseries in search of plants for your ideal garden? Do you want to try something different in your garden but aren't sure how?

Online plant purchasing is your option for a lovely landscape, and here's how to Buy Plants Online in Guwahati. Together, we'll make this garden grow inch by inch, row by row!

Nurserylive will provide you with top-notch materials without requiring you to leave your home. Here's everything you need to know about how to Buy Plants Online in Guwahati.

Importance of Gardening In Guwahati

Gardening is something that many people take pride in. They have strong green thumbs and appreciate the scent of fresh flowers when they are gardening. However, there are health advantages to this.

Did you know that gardening activities such as weeding and growing flowers can burn 200-400 calories each hour? Mowing the lawn, on the other hand, can burn between 250 and 350 calories each hour.

This extremely therapeutic hobby entails a lot of movement and exercise, and it utilises all of your major muscle groups as you rake, dig, and plant. In addition, if you garden for three to four hours, you can easily burn the same number of calories as if you went to the gym for one hour.

Growing fruits and vegetables in your garden can be beneficial to your health because you can incorporate them into your diet. Apples, tomatoes, and carrots from your garden might all contribute to your daily five. It is not necessary to have a large food garden.

Start simply with a few pots and containers, or perhaps a window box filled with a few appropriate cuttings or herbs. Flowers and herbs can be used in salads, to flavour cooked dishes, to make teas, or to decorate. Imagine your garden blooming with fresh veggies, fruits, and herbs – it would undoubtedly inspire you to adopt a healthier eating routine! You'll feel better about yourself after you start eating a healthy diet.

Gardening in the open air exposes you to more sunlight and vitamin D. Vitamin D aids calcium absorption and promotes strong bone formation. To reduce your risk of sunburn and skin cancer, restrict your time in direct sunlight to 15 to 30 minutes per day.

Osteoporosis is a disease that causes bone thinning and hence raises the risk of breaking a bone. As a result, gardening on a regular basis will expose you to repetitive chores that will provide you an excellent exercise for all of your major muscle groups.

Gardening promotes hand agility as well as hand and joint strength. One of the key advantages of gardening for seniors is that it minimises the risk of deteriorating hand strength that we confront in our daily lives.

Gardening can aide you in attaining the 'zone.' This is also known as an altered state of consciousness, in which you enter a mystical and spiritual realm where you can experience your true self.

Similar to how an athlete feels before and during a competition, or how you feel when you practise yoga or meditate. Working with plants gives significant stress alleviation and positive sensory stimulation, according to a NASA experiment conducted in 2016.

That's correct, the scientists in charge of launching humans into space have discovered that gardening can help astronauts stay sane and happy in the harsh conditions of orbit. Gardening is no longer viewed as a chore, but rather as an investment in your health.

What all can you Grow in Guwahati?

A huge array of horticultural crops like fruits, vegetables, spices, potato and other tropical tuber crops, mushroom, ornamental, medicinal, and fragrant plants, plantation crops, cashew, and betel vine are grown in Guwahati’s diverse climate and soils.

All of this, however, is about commercial planting and crops. In Guwahati's lovely climate, you can undoubtedly bring some of nature into your home. If you wish to plant flowers in your garden, you can grow Zinnia, Marigold, Cosmos, Roses, Dahlia, and other flowers to give your garden a stunning splash of colour throughout the year.

Your garden will become a favourite spot for butterflies and birds, as well as bring you joy and satisfaction.

If you want to add some indoor plants to your Guwahati home, it is also a good option. Indoor plants can help to improve the ambiance of your space. It essentially provides a natural and organic touch to your home's ambience. Doesn't that seem energising and upbeat?

All you have to do now is find the proper spot for those lovely tiny plants. Indoor plants such as succulents, Pothos, Palm, Syngonium, Lipstick Plant, Peace Lily, Aloevera, Kalanchoe, and succulents are all nice to have in your Guwahati apartment. Bonsai is ideal for a home with limited space if you want to spice up your plant design. It adds a stunning feeling of luxury to your home.

You can turn your terrace into a full-fledged vegetable garden with the correct information and expertise. This will require some knowledge of the Guwahati climate, but it will be a lot of fun.

Easy to produce include leafy crops like spinach, methi, and amaranth, as well as herbs like coriander, mint, parsley, oregano, and others.

Tomatoes, brinjal, okra, lauki, and capsicum are just a few of the veggies you may grow in your Guwahati backyard.

Why you should Buy Online Plants in Guwahati From Nurserylive?

Nurserylive is an online garden store that offers over 6000 products.
In Guwahati, Nurserylive has a large collection of natural plants and accessories. Annual flowers, aquatic plants, fragrant plants, cactus, ferns, indoor plants, landscape plants, bamboo, and other plants can be purchased in Guwahati.

Everything you'll need to create a kitchen garden, theme garden, fairy garden, and more can be found here. Beautiful planters, accessories, food plants, gardening tools, and growing kits are available for purchase. We also provide workshops to assist you in beginning your gardening journey. Some workshops are specifically developed for youngsters.

All of this is available at a very low price, allowing anyone to have their own lush and beautiful plants.

So, take a look around and have fun.
Good luck with your gardening!