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Buy plants online in Kolkata

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Buy plants online in Kolkata

Do you live in Kolkata, the city of joy, and wish to add more joy to your life by using plants?

Accomplish you wish to have a garden in your home but lack the time and patience to visit local nurseries to do so?

You've come to the right location. At Nurserylive, we have the greatest online plant collection to help you design and build the garden of your dreams. It's never been easier to become a plant parent in Kolkata. This is the place to go if you want to buy plants online in Kolkata.

The Historical Garden loving City Kolkata!

Since the colonial era, Kolkata has been noted for its botanical gardens and tea gardens

It was used to identify and grow plants for trade, such as teak and a variety of spices. The arrival of the tea plant from China was a watershed moment in the garden's history. Indeed, one could argue that these gardens were essential in the foundation of the tea trade in India's northern and northeastern Himalayas.

The Botanical Gardens of Kolkata, also known as The Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden, is a large 270-acre garden in Kolkata. It is the oldest of its kind in India,

The garden's main attraction is a massive Banyan Tree that is over 250 years old and one of the world's largest. The tree has been mentioned in travel publications since the nineteenth century.

How Kolkata Can Become More Eco-Friendly and Reduce Heat!

With significant urbanisation and infrastructure development projects underway, the city's "green cover" is steadily dwindling. In addition, Kolkata loses a large number of trees each year owing to storms.

More concrete and fewer trees are becoming the new normal in the city's expanding landscape, causing significant economic harm in addition to the obvious environmental harm. However, the ever-increasing traffic congestion in Kolkata is a constant source of stress.

The poisonous pollutants emitted by these automobiles on a daily basis are ruining the city's urban environment, reducing oxygen levels day by day. There are currently insufficient trees to recycle filthy air into oxygen, which is a leading cause of lung disease and other serious illnesses.

All of these issues in Kolkata can be addressed by increasing the number of green spaces.

Plant maintenance is surprisingly straightforward, and the payoff is enormously satisfying on both a personal and a community level. People should speak up. Wherever possible, plant trees and plants.

Gardening should be encouraged among homeowners, and those without enough space for a full-fledged garden (such as apartment dwellers) should grow indoor plants. When you're a beginner gardener, it's better to start with indoor plants. Making a green zone in your Kolkata home would improve your breathing.

And you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

Plants You Can Grow in Kolkata!

When spring arrives, switch out your Petunia, Cineraria, Calendula, Chrysanthemum, Marigold, and Dahlia for Periwinkle, Zinnia, Portulaca, Gomphrena, Calliopsis, Lily, and other perennials for a longer show. For individuals who live in rental apartments, container gardens may be a viable option.

When it comes to indoor plants, you may choose from a variety of options such as pictures, rubber plants, philodendrons, spider plants, snake plants, palms, and more. You can also proudly own aglaonema,lipstick plant, English ivy, and a variety of other plants.

There is little doubt that organic vegetables are the most nutritious. Even in containers, certain vegetables grow. You can either cultivate them in large pots (12-18 inches deep) or in planter boxes. However, it's critical to select the correct vegetables - those with shallow roots.

If you want to cultivate vegetables at home, get started now. This season, cucumber, bitter gourd, pumpkin, watermelon, lady's finger, a variety of chillies, and brinjal are the best vegetables to plant.

The pot size should be 8-10 inches in diameter for healthy vegetable growth on your balcony. It's not only fascinating, but also quite fulfilling!

Why Gardening is Important in Current times ?

Keeping fit and healthy is crucial at any time, but it is especially important during the coronavirus pandemic. If you have a garden or outside space, you have a location to keep your health and well-being in check.

Gardens provide an opportunity to connect with nature, which has been shown to improve mental health, cognitive performance, and emotional well-being. Gardening lowers depression, anxiety, obesity, and heart disease while also improving life satisfaction, quality of life, and community.

Gardening is important for recovery from disease, and simply gazing at them can help to lower stress, blood pressure, and muscle tension.

Above all, the coronavirus lockdown gives you the time and chance to construct the garden you've always wanted, giving you and your family a sense of pride and, of course, joy.

Gardening has been proven to be beneficial to your health by science!
Our country is at war once more. This time, the adversary is not another country or a faltering economy.

The enemy cannot be seen, and the weapons are not interchangeable. However, Indians might once again look to the possible benefits of gardening to aid in the fight against coronavirus.

Why you should Buy Online Plants in Kolkata From Nurserylive?

Nurserylive, an online garden store with 6000+ varieties of products available on our online garden store, sells and wholesales high-quality indoor and outdoor plants at a reasonable price. We are proud of our vast assortment of high-quality products, quick shipping, and exceptional customer service.

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All of this is available at a very minimal cost, allowing everyone to have their own lush and gorgeous plants in their home.

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