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Top 10 Avenues Trees

Polyalthia longifolia, Ashok Tree - Plant

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Saraca Indica commonly known as Ashoka tree or Sorrow-less Tree is one of the most exotic flowering trees of the Indian subcontinent.

Neem Tree - Plant

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Neem tree(The Miracle Tree) has been widely planted as a shade tree in hot, drought-prone areas and has over time been introduced to tropical areas around the world.

Sisham, Indian Rosewood - Plant

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Sheesham is among the finest cabinet and veneer timbers. It is the wood from which mridanga, the Rajasthani percussion instrument, are often made. In addition to musical instruments, it is used for plywood, agricultural tools, flooring, and as a bentwood, and

Drumstick, Moringa Oleifera - Plant

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Drumstick is one of the famous vegetable crop in India.Though the origin of drumstick is India, due to its medical uses it has reached other countries also.

Pongamia Pinnata, Karanj - Plant

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It is often planted as an ornamental and shade tree. This specie is commonly called Pongam, Karanj, or a derivation of these names.

Khaya Senegalensis - Plant

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Khaya senegalensis is a species of tree in the Meliaceae family that is native to Africa.

Alstonia Scholaris, Dita Tree, Saptaparni - Plant

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Alstonia scholaris, commonly known as the dita tree, is an evergreen that may grow up to 100 feet tall.

Spathodea Campanulata, Fountain Tree - Plant

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This is a large upright tree with glossy deep green pinnate leaves and glorious orange scarlet flowers.

Ficus Infectoria, White Fig - Plant

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This is a very massive tree in which the size of the crown can sometimes exceed the height of the tree. the oldest and most massive pilkhan trees in Delhi can be seen inside the complex of the Humayun's Tomb.

Miswak tree, Salvadora Persica - Plant

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Like any tree Salvadora Persica has fruits. They are fleshy berries about 1 cm in diameter. Each of them contains single seed.

Saraca Asoca, Sita Ashok, Ashoka Tree - Plant

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Saraca indica is a small evergreen tree. The leaves are paripinnate with 6 to 12 leaflets, oblong and rigidly sub-coriaceus.

About Top 10 Avenues Trees

Avenue is a straight road with trees planted along side and trees which are planted there are known as avenue trees. Trees make a lonely path look interesting one and protects the passer form bright light. Imagine those lonely roads with dense trees on both the sides, that coolness of tree shade is an unforgettable experience.

Avenue trees also protects the roads form strong wind and dust particles. The planted avenue trees are generally of same species so that a common appearance can be provided. In India our indigenous trees like Neem, Mango, Pongamia, Kadamb or some exotics like Nilmohar, Peltophorum, Gulmohar etc. are commonly grown as Avenue Trees.

Avenue trees also provides rain, sun, heat and skin protection along with road safety. Avenue trees help to reduce increasing temperatures and help to get rid of urban iceland effect.

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