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Top 10 Amazing Plants

Rhoeo Spathacea Tricolor, Rhoeo Variegated - Plant

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In most areas, Rhoeo is considered an annual, though, in fact, it is a tender perennial.

Peace Lily, Spathiphyllum - Plant

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Peace Lily, is a very popular indoor houseplant. It is a clump-growing herbaceous perennial which produces white flowers which look like the hood of a cobra.

Sanchezia Nobilis, Tiger Plant, Aphelandra - Plant

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The attractive leaves are green with prominent white to yellow veins, opposite, faintly scalloped to shallowly toothed, and oval to lance-shaped.

Heliconia Psittacorum Golden Tourch, Heliconia Lady Diana (Yellow) - Plant

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Heliconia psittacorum is one of the most popular type of Heliconia also known as Parakeet Flower, Parrots Beak, Parrots Flower and False Bird-of-Paradise.

Bird of Paradise - Plant

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Sure to attract everyone's attention when it blooms, the Bird of Paradise plant is one of the most spectacular flowering plants.

Brahma Kamal, Epiphyllum oxypetalum - Plant

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The Brahma Kamal produces midnight-blooming, fragrant, cup-shaped flowers.

Heliconia Psittacorum, Heliconia Lady Diana (Orange) - Plant

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Heliconia psittacorum is one of the most popular type of Heliconia also known as Parakeet Flower, Parrots Beak, Parrots Flower and False Bird-of-Paradise.

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, ZZ Plant

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Zamia Furfurea is evergreen succulent plant consists of heads of big fleshy stems, upright, along with scaly, leathery, shiny and waxy-looking leaves.

Ixora dwarf (Orange) - Plant

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Bright orange flowers grow in clusters on a rounded compact shrub. Tropical plant with glossy, vivid green foliage.

Leea Coccinea, Burgundy Leea - Plant

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Red Leea is a very attractive shrub with decorative foliage and large groups of colourful flowers with petals which are bright red outside and yellowish inside, followed by black fruit.

Brahma Kamal, Saussurea Obvallata - Plant

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Brahma Kamal, Saussurea Obvallata - Plant

About Top 10 Amazing Plants

Nature amaze us in many ways.Plants amaze us even more with its adaptive capabilities and wonderful structures. Flower structures, attractive colors and some times adaptive features makes them amazing plants, for instance Touch me not plant closes its leaves upon touch while flowers of Bird of Paradise plant resemble the bird with same name etc.

Amazing plants enhance the beauty of your garden. Keep them on a blank corner or any location of garden, amazing plants will definitely make it alive and attractive.

Amazing plants may belong to climber and creeper, foliage or flowering plants group so their care and growth requirements may vary but amazing plants would really amaze you with its interesting features.

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