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Garden Setup Services

Starting @ ₹ 6999

Let’s Create Stunning Balcony Gardens!

Handpicked Plants, Garden Accessories & Expert Assistance in Creating Garden of your dreams.

Starting @ ₹ 6999

8 Plants
8 Inner Pots
8 Outer Planters
8 Metal Stands
1 Artificial Lawn 

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Want nature around?

Terrace Garden

Starting @ ₹8999

16 Plants
16 Pots
16 Plates
16 Metal Stands

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Indoor Garden

Starting @ ₹6999

5 Plants
5 Inner Pots
5 Outer Pots
1 Big Metal Stand

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Live Vertical Garden

Starting @ ₹22000

25 Sq ft

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Artificial Vertical Garden

Starting @ ₹18000

20 Sq ft

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Want Plant Decor Done?

Exclusive needs deserve exclusive attention

Starting @ ₹ 9999

13 Plants
13 Inner Pots
13 Outer Pots
4 Metal Stands
1 Artificial Lawn

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Your Language, We Answer


Ask in Hindi

Rs. 199


25 mins of video consultation

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Ask in Telugu

Rs. 199


25 mins of video consultation

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Ask in Kannada

Rs. 199


25 mins of video consultation

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Ask in Tamil

Rs. 199


25 mins of video consultation

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Why Nurserylive?

We love it when you love it

  • Trusted brand name in gardening
  • Pricing options to suit every budget
  • Freedom to choose from wide catalog
  • Free video consultation post - delivery*
  • Free organic fertilizer upto 2 doses
  • Free care cards for the novice in you
  • Expert advice on plant selection
  • 5 Years warranty on artificial products
  • Irrigation provision in vertical garden

How it works?


Book a call

It will help us to understand the requirements of your dream garden


Cost Estimate

After discussion, the expert will provide an estimate and a basic plan.


Site visit

An expert will inspect the site to create the final layout for your garden.


Garden Set up

We will set up a customized garden and deliver the plant happiness.

That's how we spread happiness...

Sarath Ramakrishnan, Media strategist

My expert was quite knowledgeable and quickly grasped my requirements. He paid close attention to the details I supplied and created a beautiful garden for us. I'd like to thank her for everything He's done for me.

Girish Sahay, Entrepreneur

Since the pandemic, I've been seeking for a way to get some greenery into my home, and nurserylive has come to my rescue. What a fantastic group of people. They managed and coordinated everything very effectively. They are the reason why my garden is flourishing.

Srishti Tanwar, SEO Expert

Congratulations to the entire team. What an admirable job.. Because of them, even a novice like myself can have a full-fledged flourishing balcony garden.

Nitin Mehra, Software Developer

I had no idea where I wanted to go on my gardening adventure. Nurserylive is a godsend. They were quite patient with me and provided me with a lovely garden.

FAQ's ?


- Once a price quote has been provided, a paid site visit can be arranged if necessary
- The same-amount coupon will be issued immediately and can be used in the same order or any other order on nurserylive
- After the actual site visit, the quotation value may be revised
- The time required to set up a garden is determined by the type of work, plants used, and modifications required
- The expert video consultation post-delivery is only offered once
- Depending on availability and expert advice, free organic fertilizer is offered
- The irrigation provision does not include a water pipeline to the garden area
- In the event of a disagreement, the details stated in the quotation will be regarded as final.