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This pack contain 20 bulbs of Ixia of different variety.


  • You will enjoy the different colors of different flowers.
  • Multicolor flowers give you the beautiful scenery.
  • These bulbs are the best thing to plant and grow.
  • These bulbs are easy to grow and care.
  • Combo constituents

    SrNo Item name Qty
    1 Ixia Panorama (Pink) - Bulbs 5
    2 Ixia Venus (Red) - Bulbs 5
    3 Ixia Spotlight (White) - Bulbs 5
    4 Ixia Yellow Emperor - Bulbs 5

    Special Feature

  • Get 20 bulbs of different color flowering bulbs in a single pack.
  • Different color and shape of these lilies will give beautiful scenery to your garden.
  • You will love to grow such adorable flower bulbs.
  • These flowering bulbs can be grown in the container, flower bed, and borders.