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List Of Top 10 Ground Cover Plants To Replace Your Grass Lawn

List Of Top 10 Ground Cover Plants To Replace Your Grass Lawn

What if we ask you to replace your lush green grass with the elegant bushes and clusters of blooms? What if we tell you that you can get rid of regular lawn mowing?

Well, ground covers are the plants that can be a problem-solver for your garden. Be it a steep slope or a shady portion; ground covers thrive better than the turfgrass.

Besides being the problem solvers, ground covers consist of exotic blooms with cheerful berries and evergreen foliage. Oh! Not to forget the charming aroma of these plants.

Why Choose Ground Covers For Your Landscape?

Ground Covers are the panacea for all the landscaping problems. Grass is the best way to fill the empty spaces in your garden. However, ground covers are the low-maintenance and prettier alternative to this.

Ground covers are the natural weed blockers. They are dense enough to block various weeds that thrive in your garden.

Low grass is difficult to mow on steep slopes. Hence, ground covers can work well in areas with steep slopes.

These plants are even more viable in dry areas because they don’t require much watering. Ground cover plants can even limit soil erosion using their fibrous roots.

With so many advantages of ground plants, we are sure that you must be looking for the best ground cover plants which are low-maintenance. Here we recommend  Top 10 Ground Cover Plants.

Rhoeo Discolor Compacta

Buy Rheo Discolor Compacta

Rhoeo plants are fast-growing ground covers with elegant foliage. The leaves are green on top and purplish at the bottom. Rhoeo plants are usually perennials in nature.

These plants are drought-tolerant and survive perfectly in dry conditions. If you live in an area of high rainfall, Roheos is not the right option.

In the axils of their leaves, Rhoeo blooms clusters of tiny white flowers that give an extra dose of elegance to your garden.

Wedelia - Sphagneticola Trilobata

Wedelia - Sphagneticola Trilobata

Wedelia is another elegant ground cover plant with small, yellow daisy-like flowers. These are the evergreen perennial plants mostly praised for their soothing aroma and spreading tendencies.

These plants have the tendency to spread through your landscape in the form of carpets or mats. These flamboyant mats are long-lasting and a perfect solution to soil erosion.

Moreover, their fleshy leaves are smothered by yellow flowers within a short span of time if the weather conditions are not warm enough.

Purple Queen - Tradescantia Pallida or Purple Secretia

Purple Queen - Tradescantia Pallida or Purple Secretia

Tradescantia Pallida or Purple Queen is a perennial ground cover that is known for its vibrant foliage. Purple Queen has a vigorous purple stem that is a node for green-purplish leaves.

With more sun exposure, the leaves turn deep royal blue at the peak and purple underneath. In warm weather, these ground cover plants give rise to 3-petalled orchid flowers.

Tradescantias are usually easier to maintain and grow, but they should be kept away from the direct sunlight of summer noon.

Vinca - Catharanthus Roseus

Buy Vinca Cathanrantus Roseus

Vinca or commonly known as the Periwinkle plant, is a popular genus in the steep hillsides. It has the ability to overtake an area and a creeping habit to climb the steep slopes.

However, the plants are most famous for their glossy and waxy broadleaf foliage with the sheer abundance of exquisite flowers.

These ground cover plants are low-maintenance and need less watering with partial sunshade. This low care makes Vinca fit for the window boxes and container plants.

The blooms are usually annual and include a wide range of colours such as pink, white, and red.

Duranta Golden

Buy Duranta Golden

Duranta or Pigeon berry is a tropical shrub that loves hot climatic conditions. It spreads throughout the garden area with trailing broad evergreen leaves.

Duranta gives rise to clumping blue, creamy white, or mesmerizing lavender blooms that dazzle throughout the growing season. What makes it even more elegant is the long trail of green leaf and yellow-golden berries running around the flower beds.

Their flowers are an abode to various butterflies and birds feeding on the berries.

Cuphea Hyssopifolia (Lavender)

Buy Cuphea Hyssopifolia (Lavender)

Cuphea is native to Mexico and hence called the Mexican Heather. This ground cover plant is extensive with parallel leaves through the stem that gives a fern-like appearance.

If you need a ground cover that blooms throughout the year, Cuphea should be your top choice. It has lavender blooms with a blend of evergreen shrubs.

Cuphea is a drought-tolerant plant and thrives best in full sunlight. Hence, it is a perfect alternative to your high-maintenance grass lawn.


Buy Canna Plant

Large bulbs and showy blooms are what defines the Canna. This ground cover plant is an excellent shrub for early summer and late falls.

The ruffled edges and unequal petals add to the sheer elegance, making Cannas an eye-catching focal point. Cannas are perfect for narrow garden areas and thrive well in areas with indirect sunlight.

Their flowers come in various colours, including red, orange, yellow, and pink, with variations in foliage colours as well.

Hamelia Patens Dwarf

Buy Hamelia Patens Dwarf Plant

Source: Nurserylive

Hamelia Patens Dwarf is an exemplary ground cover shrub that consists of clusters of fiery tubular flowers arranged with small green foliage.

The dwarf version of this plant is also used in various window boxes and containers on the patio. However, make sure that the plant is in direct sunlight and is regularly watered.

The best part is that these tubular flowers can thrive well throughout the year.


Buy Ruellia Plant

Ruellia or Wild Petunias are annual flowering plants that grow well in bog gardens and marginal watering conditions. However, you need to take care of its water requirements to keep the blooms thriving.

Hence, Ruellia grows best in boggy soil conditions. These plants are smothered by petunia-like flowers, which are usually red or purple.


Buy Heliconia Plant

Heliconia is the show stopper in the world of ground cover plants. Heliconia has wide variants of blooms, including red, orange, pink, yellow, and even green.

These plants are also called the False Bird of the Paradise because they resemble the species. Its exotic flowers thrive throughout the year with sharp leaves in the shape of a banana.

Additionally, these plants make an excellent cut flower for window boxes and containers.

Ground covers are an excellent alternative to your high-maintenance grass. Out of the various ground cover plants, we have handpicked the easy to care ground cover plants for you.

With little care and the desirable conditions, your landscape would soon become embellished with blooms and evergreen foliage.

Head to and choose the best ground cover plant for your garden now.

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