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Veggies, Herbs And Fruits To Boost Your Immunity Against COVID 19

Veggies, Herbs And Fruits To Boost Your Immunity Against COVID 19

Today, when India is facing the worst of Covid-19 the pandemic began, we all are in a state of panic and restlessness. We don’t know when this deadly virus can attack us or our loved ones and prove to be fatal.

Other than taking all the precautions of maintaining social distancing, wearing masks and using sanitisers, the situation calls for efforts taken to prepare our bodies internally to fight this deadly virus.

You ask, how?

By boosting our immunity and strengthening our disease coping mechanism to tackle the probable of novel Corona Virus attack on the body. There are countless ways to achieve the same, but natural ways of empowering our immunity come with sustainable and effective results.

Enough studies prove that plants are miraculous to help you fight a lot of diseases and maintaining a healthy body and mind. Embracing your roots is always going to give you much required edge and incorporating herbs and veggies in your daily diet can help you boost your immunity in a way that doesn’t harm your body.

Ayurveda and other ancient medical sciences from different cultures had stated long ago that plant extracts could do a lot to strengthen the body. They can withstand infections and help your body ‘gunas’ to work in sync to build ‘ojas’. Essential for proper functioning of your immunity and body functions.

Let’s first talk about the veggies that can help you build immunity against COVID 19.  You can keep a tab on your grocery list to make sure you get them or best, start your own kitchen garden to ensure their organic, fresh and regular supply of these.

1. Red Pepper

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You might think that citrus fruits are the only source of Vitamin C but what if we tell you that red peppers contain 3 times more Vitamin C and along with that they are also a rich source of beta carotene. They help you create a strong immune system and keep your skin healthy.

2.Citrus Fruits

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Since time immemorial, we have always been told that Vitamin C is essential to keep your body healthy and we should include citrus fruits like lemon and oranges in our daily diet. Vitamin C helps your body to increase the production of white blood cells, which are key to fighting infections.

Citrus fruits can help you heal your cold and cough quicker. A squeeze of lime can be added to salads and other citrus fruits like grapefruit, oranges can be easily included in your requirement of fruit and juice consumption.

3. Broccoli

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Green vegetables always top a healthy eating plan. Adding broccoli into your daily diet can help you fufill your daily need of vitamins and minerals effortlessly. Packed with vitamins A, C, and E, and lots of fibre, broccoli is one of the healthiest green veggie you can add to your diet.

Roasted broccoli with rice or steamed broccoli for your salads, both are a good way to start adding this wonder veggie in your diet.


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We talk about green veggies and don’t talk about spinach? Not possible. We knew spinach helped Popeye get bigger muscles, but do we know spinach helps us get better immunity as well?

Spinach is packed with Vitamin C, and numerous antioxidants that can infection-fighting ability of our immune systems. Spinach soup and green salads can be your entry point to adding this leafy vegetable in your daily diet.


Who doesn’t love minced garlic sauted in butter or some garlic chips sprinkled over your salad? Garlic doesn’t only add zing to your food, but is insanely beneficial for your health.

Garlic contains heavy amounts of sulfur compounds and hence is great for your empowering your immunity. Garlic can also slow down hardening of arteries and helps you solve your blood pressure problems.


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We have been exposed to ginger tea and kadhas since our childhood to help relieve sore throat, cold and inflammation and this enough of a reason to add ginger to your diet in times of novel corona virus.

Ginger also helps you decrease inflammation and chronic pain as suggested by different studies.

Other than the veggies mentioned above, there are herbs that are being used in

Ayurveda and other traditional medicine cultures. These herbs can be very well utilized in these unprecedented times to prepare your body to fight possible infections. Let’s shed some light on them too.


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Tulsi is a herb that holds great significance in religious and medicinal culture of India. Tulsi can very well be your primary line of defence against COVID-19 as it can effectively locate germs, viruses and bacteria the moment they enter your body and destroy them.

You can add few leaves to your kadha, tea or can simply chew few leaves in the moring.


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Neem has been used as a blood purifier in natural medicine since ages. Neem is very effective in keeping your body safe from harmful viruses and bacteria due to its anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Consuming neem leaves can help your body flush out toxins and clean body can fight any disease in an effective manner.


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At some point or other, we have been forced by our mothers and grandmothers to drink turmeric milk while recovering from fever or flu. This formula still stands strong. Turmeric contains curcumin– a phytochemical that can remove toxins from your body and strengthen your immune system to fight off germs and bacteria.

4. Moringa

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Moringa has made its entry into recently popular culture and is rightly deserving of every eye ball. It can help you fight many health complications and during COVID-19 pandemic, it should be your go-to herb for immunity strengthening.

Research says that moringa contains 7 times more Vitamin C and Vitamin C is crucial for building strong immunity. It also comes with other vital nutrients that strengthen your cells, muscles, tissues and help your body heal.

5. Amla

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Amla or Gooseberry is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C that can help you build a healthy body, skin, eyes and hair. Amla contains chromium that can help you soothe cold and cough and COVID 19 has exactly those symptoms in the beginning.

You can consume Amla in form of juice in the morning or can also included candied amla for sake of giving it a twist.

Now since you are armed with that information that is required to enhance your body’s disease fighting mechanism naturally, go and share this valuable information with your loved ones.

Along with following proper social distancing, sanitization and using mask use these veggies, fruits and herbs in your daily diet to ensure that your body is prepared to fight everything that dawn upon it.

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