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These 7 House Plants Will Keep Your House Cool In Summers

These 7 House Plants Will Keep Your House Cool In Summers

If you are someone who is always worried about your carbon footprint and always in a search to find how you can minimize your contribution towards global warming then, this article can be a great help for you.

You can always come across information stating that plants add aesthetic value to the house and how they also clear the indoor air around you, but today we are going to talk about economical benefits of filling your adobe with plants.

Having lots and lots plants in your living space can bring the temperature of that place low by considerable degrees. They help you beat the heat wave in a most natural and economical ways possible and sometimes can also replace AC if placement and procurement of plants is planned properly.

You should be charting out a plant to group plants together to have a considerable cooling effect in your inside environment as By grouping plants together, they create their own little atmospheric ecosystem improving its surrounding humidity.

Buy you might wonder how that happens? Let us shed some light on this how.

  • Indoor plants keep a house cooler in warm weather by consuming hot air for their natural processes.
  • They are said to keep room cool by adding humidity to the room.
  • According to the University of Vermont Extension, plants release moisture into the air through the process of transpiration which can reduce the temperature by as much as 10 degrees.

As now you are familiar how plants will bring the temperature and AC cost down, let us walk you through 7 plants that ca help you beat the heat wave in summers.

Here are top 7 houseplants to keep house cool without A.C.:

1. Aloe Vera

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This plant of immortality is a very well known plant as you can find an aloe vera potted in a pot almost every Indian household. Along with having countless medicinal benefits, this plant is known for removing toxins from the air and keeping heat and oxygen levels in check.

This versatile plant is a sure shot winner when you want to design a space that stays naturally cooler with the help of plants.

2. Baby Rubber Plant 

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Rubber plant not only soaks Co2 from the environment, but also brings a lot of health benefits at home. This plant has great anti-inflammatory properties and can soothe the rashes, oral inflammations and more.

They maintain the oxygen and heat levels of the environment they are kept in and hence are great picks for environmentally conscious plant parents.

3. Golden Pothos :

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According to NASA, money plants are one of the best air-filtering plants. Golden Pothos or Money Plant can eliminate all the toxins from the air and is also believed to bring prosperity and luck to their keepers. A pure air is always a cooler air, and money plant does exactly that for you.

4. Areca Palm

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Areca Palm is an excellent option if you want towering plants to be kept in your apartment, but also want to utilize their maximum benefits. Along with generating a cooling effect, they also eliminate harmful contaminants from the air and improve the air quality.

This plant can be very easily witnessed in hotels, offices and public places as a décor plant.

5. Ficus Tree

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One of the few trees that grows well indoors is Ficus tree that which is also known as weeping fig. This plant helps to keep the air inside moist and cool which ultimately help you relish the relief that you are seeking after spending day in the scorching heat.

6. Boston Fern

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Boston Fern or The Nephrolepis Exaltata Fern is a plant that performs photosynthesis during the day. They absorb harmful pollutants that are easily found in the house and keep the heat generated in house in control.

If you are someone who cannot compromise on the aesthetics of your hose, this beautiful plant can be a great choice.

7. Snake Plant 

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Snake plant is a very common house plant that helps in keep the temperature degrees down. This plant is also known for it’s ability to improve oxygen levels of the space it is kept in. This resilient succulent is an excellent option to put in to bedroom or living area.

Sometimes the amount of heat that your house can generate in summer months can be overwhelming,but these inexpensive plants can solve your problem in long term. So when are you bringing these plants home? Check out Nurserylive’s website for buying these plants with unmatchable offers.

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