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  • Gardening is one of the most famous hobbies today.
  • Gardening is a way to relax and revive from stress, anxiety or depression.
  • Gardening gives a feeling of satisfaction especially if you are growing plants from seeds.
  • Combo constituents

    SrNoItem nameQty
    1Choulai Green Edible, Amaranthus Green Edible - Desi Vegetable Seeds1
    2Spinach Kantewali - Desi Vegetable Seeds1
    3Vinca Rosea Pink - Desi Flower Seeds1
    4Cauliflower Super Snowball - Desi Vegetable Seeds1
    5Knol Khol White - Desi Vegetable Seeds1
    6Radish Pusa Chetki - Desi Vegetable Seeds1
    7Amaranthus Cadatus Red - Desi Flower Seeds1
    8Lettuce Ice Berg Salista - Vegetable Seeds1
    9Gomphrena Purple - Desi Flower Seeds1
    10Balsam Single - Desi Flower Seeds1
    11Phlox Beauty Mixed Color - Flower Seeds1
    12Broccoli Green Imported - Vegetable Seeds1
    13Verbena Quartz Mixed Color - Flower Seeds1
    14Celosia plumosa Red - Desi Flower Seeds1
    15Petunia Ultra Star - Flower Seeds1
    16Bottle Gourd G2 - Desi Vegetable Seeds1
    17Capsicum Green - Desi Vegetable Seeds1
    18Zinnia Tall Mixed Color - Desi Flower Seeds1
    19Thyme, Thymus vulgaris - Herb Seeds1
    20Cucumber Gherkin - Vegetable Seeds1
    21Onion NP 53 - Desi Vegetable Seeds1
    22Tomato Ped - Desi Vegetable Seeds1
    23Cabbage Poi - Desi Vegetable Seeds1
    24Marigold Mixed Color - Desi Flower Seeds1
    25Radish Japani white - Desi Vegetable Seeds1

    Special Feature

  • These seeds are very easy to sow and grow.
  • You can easily grow these vegetables and flower plants in pots by covering less garden space.
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