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Things I do for Green - An innovative concept to make spaces around us clean and healthy place to live. Grow best out of waste.


  • You will get the herb and vegetable seeds to grow in waste containers.
  • Seeds in this product are easy to germinate.
  • Seeds in this product can be grown throughout the year.
  • Combo constituents

    SrNo Item name Qty
    1 Carrot Red Long - Desi Vegetable Seeds 1
    2 Radish Pusa Chetki - Desi Vegetable Seeds 1
    3 Coriander Panipat - Desi Vegetable Seeds 1
    4 Spinach All Green - Desi Vegetable Seeds 1

    Special Feature

  • The quantum of waste generated is increasing day by day and there is a considerable proportion of single-use waste material like plastic or glass bottles, jars, etc.
  • We at nurserylive have the vision to create spaces that are GREEN and HEALTHY.
  • This is an innovative approach to reuse waste containers.
  • In this product, we provide you with vegetable and herb seeds that you can grow easily in the waste containers that you create in your day to day activities.

    We will provide only seeds in this product and all other materials like waste bottles, containers, soil, etc. shown in the image are for reference purposes only.

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