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Acorus Calamus, Vekhand ( 1 kg ) - Seeds

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Bach, Gora-Bach, Vacha, Ugragandha, Ugra, Sadgrantha, Acorus calamus, calamus root, flag root, myrtle flag, sweet flag, calamus

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Acorus Calamus uses

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  • how to germinate acorus calamus seeds

    1. Select a container having 7 inch diameter.
    2. Fill the container with well-drained soil.
    3. Gently mix the soil
    4. Moisten the surface of the soil with water spray.
    5. Make a hole and add 2-3 seeds in it and cover with a thin soil layer.
    6. Cover the seed container with a transparent plastic paper.
    7. Place the seed container in indirect bright light.
    8. Remove plastic wrapping once seeds start to germinate.
    9. Keep the soil moist but do not make the soil soggy by overwatering.