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Top 10 Plants To Adorn Your Bedroom

Top 10 Plants To Adorn Your Bedroom

A bedroom is that haven which keeps you at peace and provides serendipity. Adding vibrant lush green plants can add a touch of life to your bedroom. Be it for small shelves or large window pane, bedroom plants come in all sizes.

They can do more than just occupying space in your bedroom. They boost your mood, enhance productivity, reduce stress induced insomnia and filter all the toxic pollutants. As per 1989 NASA research, indoor plants are beneficial for reducing pollutants in the environment.

The best part about these amazing house plants is that they can even survive in low light conditions and minimal watering. Here is a list of 10 best bedroom houseplants that you can choose from.

1. Syngonium 

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Syngonium is an amazing plant to decorate your bedroom. It has resplendent leaves with light shaded green colour having a tinge of red which looks great on your table or near the bed side window.

Besides its enthralling beauty, the plant has the ability to clean and purify the air reducing volatile compounds like benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene. They are also known to reduce humidity in the air.

The best part is that these plants can thrive well in indirect sunlight and require watering only once a week.

2. Money Plant

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Money Plant is one of the most prominent house plants found in various Indian households. In Feng Shui and Vastu, this plant is considered as the omen of positivity, energy and financial well being.

This climber plant has shiny heart-shaped leaves that spread through a single stem. NASA recommends the use of the Money Plant in every household as it cuts down the toxic elements present in the air.

Money Plants can grow in soil as well as in water. However, you will need to change the water frequently every week.

3. Lucky Bamboo

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As the name suggests, Lucky Bamboo can bring good fortunes if taken care of properly. These plants come in various shapes such as braid, twisted or curled stalks which separates them from most of the indoor house plants.

Lucky Bamboo is fairly tolerant and said to bring good luck to one who keeps it. It usually prefers low-light conditions and an ample amount of water to cover the roots.

Make sure to change the water every week or so.

4. Areca Palm

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Areca Palm is an indoor house plant that can grow as long as 6 to 7 feet tall. Also known as the Yellow Butterfly, this plant has feathery fronds with up to 100 leaflets.

Moreover, these plants are known for their air-filteration qualities and removal of harmful toxins. Areca Palm is even found to reduce the concentration of CO2 from the air.

These plants grow well in bright indirect sunlight and moist soil.

5. Peace Lily

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Peace Lily consists of beautiful white blooms that are helpful in relieving stress and reduce toxins from your bedroom. It is a small and adjustable plant with glossy leaves that thrive in high as well as idirect bright light conditions.

For the best white blooms, the Peace lily can be kept at the window spot which receives bright indirect sunlight.

6. Snake Plant

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Sansevieria or Snake plants have long vertical sword-like foliage that are thick and fleshy. Also known as the ‘Mother In Law’s Tongue,’ this plant does not only purify the air but also converts the carbon dioxide into oxygen during the night.

It is a popular addition to the bedroom plants because it needs low light and less water, thus making it easy to handle.

7. Aglaonema Lipstick Plant

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Aglaonema siam is one of the most colourful indoor plants with green and red foliage. In fact, it is the easiest indoor house plants to grow and take care of.

These are Chinese evergreen plants and a perfect for growing in offices and rooms with AC or low humidity. Also called ‘Lipstick Plant’ because of its red outline in the foliage, these plants grow well in indirect natural light or bright artificial light.

8. Air Plant

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If you need your bedroom to smell refreshing, Air Plants are the best in the business.Air Plants may come in different varieties but are handy and can be placed anywhere.

They have the ability to reduce dust and humidity from the surroundings. These plants usually look artificial and give an aesthetic appeal to your bedroom, with spiral or long wavy shaped foliage.

The best part; they do not need water to grow. Most of these plants get nutrients from the air.

9. Anthurium

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Anthurium is said to have the longest-living blooms which last up to eight weeks. It has dark-green, heart-shaped waxy leaves that are surrounded by neon, red or pink blooms.

Anthurium thrives best in indirect bright light but can also do well in the damp environment of your room. If you are looking for a low-maintenance plant for your bedroom, Anthurium is it.

10. Spider Plant

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Spider Plant or Chlorophytum is a famous indoor house plant that has been in most households since the 70s. Most importantly, it is known for its multiple pups on the stem that arise from the mother plant.

They have large striped leaves that arch from the centre and form the plantlets. For best growth, place them in bright light with average moisture. During the rainy season, make sure to only use rainwater.

Out of the long list of bedroom plants out there, we have listed out the 10 best plants for your bedroom that require low maintenance and look elegant in any type of room.

The dazzling blooms and lush leaves of these houseplants are perfect for your bedroom.

Head to Nurserylive and pick your favourite bedroom plant for adding a positive vibe to your room.


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