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Top 10 Plants For Kitchen Garden

Top 10 Plants For Kitchen Garden

Every part of your home deserves a splash of green. So, why leave the kitchen behind? Adding green corners to your kitchen makes the environment fun and soothing, and thus, the cooking experience also becomes much more enjoyable.

But every kitchen differs in terms of windows, sunlight, sizing, and ventilation. Here we are providing you with the  Top 10 Plants For Kitchen Garden which are perfect for every home -

1. Lemongrass 

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The lemongrass plant is native to the tropical climate, and thus, you need to protect it from the cold region. The long green multiple stalks, which are majorly 4-5 feet long, will add beauty and a rustic look to your kitchen.

Lemongrass can be easily grown from the seeds by cutting or cultivation method. The plant requires minimal watering and moderate sunlight.

2. Common Mint Plant/ Pudina 

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A perennial plant that is highly fragrant and has beautiful purple, pink, and white flowers. Mint plants grow well in moist and well-drained soil. The plant prefers to stay in the shade and like protection from the sun. For the best growth in plants, make sure that you fertilise them every few months.

Mint grows fairly well when they are near tomato and cabbage plants so that they can share the nutrients and grow with them.

3. Marwa, Marjoram 

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These plants add both flavour and fragrance to your kitchen. These plants act as a magnet in attracting butterflies and many other beneficial insects to your kitchen. These are annual plants, but they require serious care and attention in the winter season. They bloom quite well in moist and well-drained soil.

These plants require occasional watering.

4. Mentha Arvensis 

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Also known as field mint, this is a perennial plant that falls into the category of wild plants. This plant deserves shade and is fully edible and well suited for the urbane environment. This plant performs quite well in proper drainage conditions and good sunlight.

But when the plants are put in full sunlight, they will require frequent watering.
It also does not require too much fertilising, and thus, you can fertilise your japanese mint plant only once a month.

5. Holy Basil/Krishna Tulsi Plant 

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Holy basil is an excellent herb that has exceptionally good properties for both medicinal and ayurvedic purposes. The plant is native to the Indian subcontinent and has more than 100 varieties. This plant grows easily through cuttings or even through its seeds.

This plant is a hardy plant that requires watering on a demand basis. But this plant requires trimming to grow faster.

6. Rosemary

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The Rosemary plant falls in the category of a hardy plant that does not require much maintenance or care. The plant, when potted and set, requires minimal watering and grows quite fast.

This plant likes to stay in well-lit conditions, and thus, if you are planning to keep a rosemary plant for your kitchen, then make sure that it is kept in the brightest corners.

7. Kadi Patta/Meetha Neem 

Curry plant is a native Indian plant that performs quite well as a hardy plant. The plant requires zero maintenance in terms of watering as well as soil conditions or even fertilising. Curry plants perform quite well in a warm climate and need well-drained soil.

The plant does not require much watering and can be propagated easily through the seeds. The plant does not get any pest attack; it can get mealy bugs which can be treated with the neem oil.

8. Parsley

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Parsley is a stunning indoor herb that performs quite well in brightly lit conditions. Make sure that the plant is kept in a pot that has excellent drainage conditions so that the water can easily pass through. The soil must be moist, but the roots should not rot.

The best way to grow parsley indoors is through the seeds. The plant requires fertilising every two weeks from organic fertiliser.

9. Dill 

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 Dill is a perennial herb that is typically used to flavour ips, soups, salads, and other dishes. It's seeds are used to falvour stews and leaves are often preserved after drying. The plant can reach 2 to 4 feet tall upon attaining maturity. 

Dill can easily grown in containers, both indoors and outdoors.  You should be choosing a deep container to accommodate the tall plant and its long roots.

10. Sage 

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Sage is a strong aromatic herb widely used used in meat dishes, toppings, flavored vinegar, and sauces. It is a wonderful addition to your herb garden as this can be very easily grown in containers. Sage loves warm temperatures and can achieve a height of 24 - 36 inches. 

 You should water the Sage plant moderately and that too on a regular schedule. Refrain from over watering the plant or leaving it dry. 

So, what are you guys thinking? Adding green plants to your kitchen is one of the best ways of getting the correct micronutrients to your food. All of them and much more are available at NurseryLive. NurseryLive is your urbane jungle. On this website, you can find any of your green solutions.

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Check out the website today and let us know if you have ordered anything from this website. You can build your cart and order the products, and the same will be delivered to your doorstep safely and securely.

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