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Top 10 Beautiful Plants For Your Abode

Top 10 Beautiful Plants For Your Abode

Flowers are one of the simplest pleasures of life, and it comes in purest and flawless form. Flowers have a special relevance when it comes to occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, graduations, and other ceremonies.

During the Victorian era, the flowers were given specific meanings. These meanings were provided in the form of codes that allow individuals to express their feelings accordingly. Beautiful plants have always been quite relevant in the olden days as well as in the modern world.

Read up our handpicked list for top 10 beautiful plants you can add today in your collection.

1. Rose

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Rose is one of the most beautiful flowering plants. Rose is fragrant and comes in a variety of colors. Roses fall in the category of perennial plants and have more than 100 species. Roses are a symbol of compassion, warmth, and love.

2. Lotus 

But Lotus Plant

Lotus plant has a specific symbolic meaning in different cultures and traditions. The Lotus plant symbolizes rebirth and dignity. It is also symbolic of spiritual healing, awakening, and enlightenment.

Lotus mostly grows in mud and water and requires a good amount of sunlight to bloom fully.

3. Bleeding Heart, Lamprocapnos spectabilis


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Bleeding hearts are beautiful heart-shaped huge flowers. These plants are in pink and white color. This plant requires moist soil and frequent watering. You can plant the soil in the shady area because they cannot tolerate too much sunlight.

These plants perform quite well in winters, but as the summer season starts the leaves of this plant turn yellow. And thus, they must be shifted to a shady area.

4. Krishna Kamal, Passion flower

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This purple passionflower goes by the name of Passiflora incarnata. It is a rapidly growing vine plant that has white and purple flowers. The flowers of this plant have multicolor and are quite complex in terms of structure. This plant is a popular choice when it comes to balcony plants or as a garden plant.

These plants are seen all over the country and grow quite well in 15-25 degrees. They are sunlight-loving plants and prosper well if they receive 4-5 hours of sunlight every day.

5. Orchids

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Orchids are one of the most popular flowering plants seen in the entire world, especially in wet regions. These plants grow like a vine and have a spongy root covering. These plants obtain nourishment from a fungus living in their root area. Orchids are non-woody, but some species out of them are like vines or shrubby plants.

Many believe that orchids are not common in rainforests, but over 125 species of orchids are seen in amazon rainforests.

6. Fittonia Albivenis, White Nerve Plant

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This is a low-light plant that adds to your home decor’s beauty. This plant also goes by the name of a nerve plant with dark green leaves that look like a vein. This plant enjoys moisture; you need to water the soil only when the topsoil is dry.

This plant loves humidity and thus works quite well with a weekly plant miser spray. The plant requires fertilizing once a month, but don’t fertilize these plants in the winter season.

7. Coleus 

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Coleus, which are popularly known as Victorian bedding plants, have been popular since the 1990s, and since then, there is no looking back. These plants fall into the category of foliage plants which is an annual plant requiring very low maintenance. This is a highly tropical plant that loves sunlight.

These plants can be grown both indoor and outdoor. They are a seasonal plant that requires moist soil. But make sure that you plant these in well-drained soil.

8. Calathea

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A lover of humidity and low light indoor plant which has bright green leaves. This plant performs quite well in well-drained soil. Make sure that you water this plant at least once a week.

The bright green leaves of this look beautiful in the bathroom or any room. These are low-maintenance plants that do quite well in pots.

9. Echeveria Melaco 

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These are an attractive succulent plant that grows from the center. The flowers of these plants are bell-shaped and are big. These plants cannot tolerate overwatering, so ensure that you water these plants only once every week.

These plants can easily be propagated from the leaf, stem, or seed cuttings.

10 .Crassula Campfire 

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This is an evergreen plant that falls into the category of an eye-catching succulent. These plants have densely compact leaves, which are majorly lime green in color. These are fast-growing plants that have a white cluster flower in the summer season.

Make sure that you don’t overwater these plants; else the roots might get rot quite easily.

It’s time to transform your loving abode into a green garden. Above given are the top-rated beautiful plants which have lush green gorgeous leaves and some of them also have a bell-shaped flower. You can buy these plants and much more from the Nursery Live website.

So, what are you thinking, guys? Adding beautiful green plants is the best way to de-stress yourself in present times. Take a break from your boring, mundane life and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Nurserylive is your one-stop solution for all your green needs. Be it any choice of plants – ornamental, succulents, sacred, or anything else. You will get everything at a much affordable price. This online green marketplace also houses several plant accessories. You can get plant pots, stones, plant stands, and much more from this website. Let us know which are your favorite plants from the website. We are sure you will be thrilled by their huge collection. Your choice of products will be delivered to your doorstep safely and securely.

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