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Top 10 Euphorbia Plants That Are Hard To Kill

Top 10 Euphorbia Plants That Are Hard To Kill

Euphorbias are easy to grow and low maintenance plants that are a sight to behold in gardens and indoor plants. They are largely perennial plants that have very few problems. These plants have rich and attractive leaves with never-before-seen flowers. They are drought and heat-tolerant plants with a long blooming period.

With more than 2000 species of euphorbia plants, let’s have a look at the top 10 euphorbia plants –

1. Euphorbia Milli

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These plants are also known as Crown of thrones or Christ Plant. They are ornamental cactus-like plants that are quite common in tropical climates. This features in the category of a perfect succulent for beginners.

This is a low-maintenance evergreen succulent that has received the Garden Merit Award from the Royal Horticulture Society in 1993.

2. Euphorbia Ingens 

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A thorny, evergreen succulent plant. The plant is characterized by short trunks. It can grow to exceptional heights of 12 to 15 meters. Since they are succulents, they are more friendly to dry and drought-like situations. These plants are often seen on rocky mountain tops.

These plants do well in well-drained soil and deep sandy areas. The latex of this plant is used to treat alcohol dependency.

3. Euphorbia Neriifolia 

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These are major succulent plants that grow in a quite wider area. They are common in dry and rocky places. These plants are seen in hilly areas and are favorable to tough and droughts-like areas.

This plant is leafless, but you can witness fresh leaves during the monsoon season. These plants bear flowers that are quite small in shape.

4. Euphorbia Tithymaloides

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A perennial shrub that is also succulent but grown as an ornamental houseplant. These plants are commonly seen in dry and sunny areas and require very little water. The plant prefers sandy, well-drained soil. The soil must be rich in nutrients like – copper, boron, iron, and magnesium.

This is a taller plant that can grow up to 6-8 feet in height. These plants also bear flowers but majorly around the mid-spring season.

5. Euphorbia tirucalli 

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This plant is also known as the Pencil tree or Naked Lady. This plant does well in tropical and high-temperature climatic conditions. These succulents can ride up to 7 feet in height. The oval leaves of these plants are 1 to 2.5 cm long and 3 to 4 mm wide. These plants have yellow flowers that are seen at the end of the branches.

This plant is used as an alternative medicine to treat asthma, cough, ringworm, tumors, and warts in various cultures.

6. Euphorbia Albipollenifera 

These are also known as Spurge. These are easy-to-grow perennial plants that perfectly fit into the category of houseplants. These tiny annual plants that can be really big. They have over 2000 species, most of which are flowering as well.

These can be grown from the seeds, but that process can be somewhat difficult. Cutting and pruning are some of the easiest methods to grow this plant at a faster speed.

7. Euphorbia Aphylla 

These plants are home to sandy, stony, and clay-based areas with very little vegetation. They have dense branches and succulent shrubs. These plants are also characterized by short trunks that further branch into several other categories.

This is an easy-to-grow plant that can also be grown in containers if given proper climatic situations.

8. Euphorbia Neorubella

A rocky succulent plant that is normally seen in dry and drought-like situations. They have a quite interesting thin branched stem that looks like a spider. The plant has a root that is where it stores water.

This plant requires free draining soil that is mildly acidic.

9. Euphorbia obesa 

It is a subtropical succulent plant that bears flowers. The plant is also referred to as a baseball plant because of its unique shape. Young plants are cylindrical, but with age, they become spherical. This is a slow-growing plant because each plant contains only 2-3 seeds.

This plant fares quite well in medium rainfall conditions.

10. Euphorbia Baioensis 

This is a small succulent that takes the form of a shrub. It branches from the base area. The stems of these plants are cylindrical, having at least 8-10 branches. The flowers of this plant are small and yellow that is normally seen from spring to summer season.

These are the sun lover plants that can tolerate partial shade.

The above given are some of the best plants in the category of euphorbia. All of these plants and much more are available on our website.

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They delay the delivery …. Too long wait…. No tracking till 12 -15 days…..

It will give a headache only….

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