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Top 10 Container Plants To Make Your Space More Aesthetic

Top 10 Container Plants To Make Your Space More Aesthetic

Gardening is a relaxing and fun activity. There are a lot of different gardening methods available, but container gardening is the best. Container planting involves gardening with pots/containers.

It is a super easy and fun way of dressing up your porch. Container plants are an excellent way to add aesthetic appeal to your space.

Now, the question is which plants to choose for the containers? It is also important to make sure there is a hole in the bottom of your container to prevent overwatering.

Certain plants work well in specific conditions. You can always consult a knowledgeable nursery owner for more. However, you can also refer to our top 10 container plants : 

1. Bougainvillaea Plants

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It is a tropical plant, so it does not grow in areas where temperatures remain below 4°C. This plant is known for producing three rounds of vibrant flowers in summer, spring and autumn.

When growing bougainvillaea in pots, you must opt for smaller containers where its roots are restricted. When you see your plant growing properly, then move it into a larger container. Always use regular potting soil without a high level of peat moss, as too much peat will retain moisture and may lead to root rot.

2. Geranium Plant

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If you are living in a hot climate, then these plants are a great option. They love heat and water; they tend to lose shine if not watered properly. These look great in pots, as the varied coloured blooms make it an attractive piece.

You will also find them in shapes of tulip, rosebud and even cactus, which gives a good twist to the traditional geranium.

3. Mogra Plant

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Mogra plant has a lot of different names like Jasminum Sambac and Arabian Jasmine. It requires an adequate amount of sunlight to bloom but can also thrive under partial sunlight, making it perfect for windowsill gardening.

You must plant Mogras in a container of 12-inch size. You can use earthen pots as well as sturdy plastic pots to grow the plants.

4. Ixora Plant

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Ixora Plant is a beautiful plant that is rarely seen as a houseplant. However, with the right container, you can grow Ixora as a houseplant as well. They are usually found in sub-tropical regions and require specific conditions to thrive.

Ixora likes 4-6 hours of direct sunlight. They need water but less in winters. These plants will grow the most in moist peat-based soil.

5. Peace Lily Plant

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If you like a calm, tropical and beautiful ambience, then you should get some Peace Lily Plants. You can use them as indoor plants as they do not require a lot of light to grow. These plants grow happily in containers, but they do not like containers bigger than their root balls.

These plants live on for years, and they flower repeatedly. All you need to do is just remember to water them regularly.

6. Dianthus Plant

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These flowers are annual, but some species are biennial as well. The flowers of these plants make them perfect container plants. You can use them to add a splash of colour to your boring balcony.

Dianthus Plant needs full sunlight with fertilisers once a month. When it comes to watering them, you need to make sure that the soil stays moist. Do not overwater or leave the soil to dry out.

7. Impatiens

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Impatiens is an annual plant that makes an excellent container plant. These plants are also known as “Busy Lizzie.” The plants love shade and moisture. However, you should always plant them after winters.

These plants will grow in moist, humus-rich and well-drained soil. When planting them in containers, use window boxes with a sterile mixture for better drainage to the plants. It is essential to water these container plants regularly.

8. Croton Plant

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Croton Plants come with variegated foliage covered in colours like green, orange, scarlet and yellow. It is an easy to grow houseplant that enhances your garden’s ambience with its exquisite foliage. They are also known as Garden Croton, and they popularly grow in tropical forests of Southeast Asia and Oceania.

However, it is important to know that all the parts of this plant are poisonous and so, you should avoid planting it at homes with children and pets. These plants grow upright, so choose a container that is heavy and won’t easily tip over. Also, use a well-draining potting mix so that they remain moist.

9. Dieffenbachia Plant

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It is popularly known as Dumb Cane and is a no-fuss plant. These plants grow up to 6 inches, and so you must choose a container of 12 to 16 inches. They need bright and indirect sunlight.

It requires proper draining soil, which is rich in organic matter. Do not grow it in temperatures below 12°C as that will cause slow growth. Also, fertilise the plant regularly during the growing period.

10. Syngonium Plant

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Syngonium Plants look beautiful and decorative in containers. Additionally, they also cleanse the air and act as anti-pollutants. Another added advantage of planting them is that they are effortless to maintain.

They grow well in bright light but keep them away from direct sunlight. Also, clean the leaves fortnightly to free them from dust accumulation. Put them in a bright coloured pot to light up any space.

These are some of the wonderful container plants that you can choose to grow. You can plant most of these container plants indoors to uplift the aesthetics of your space. Apart from that, you can combine different container plants and create a collection for your balcony and even front yard. Visit the Nurserylive site now to check out our varied offerings!

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