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6 Easy Ways To Create A Dreamy Boho Garden

6 Easy Ways To Create A Dreamy Boho Garden

Boho or bohemian themes are all about being unconventional, free spirited, artistic and comfortable. Creating boho themed gardens involves creating visual interest with bold colors, exotic patterns, textured fabrics and natural elements like lots and lots of plants.

Having a boho themed garden is like having a bright and beautiful happy place. It brings positivity and warmth. With a little knowledge and creativity, boho themed gardens are easy to create whether you have a small front yard, a big backyard or a balcony garden.

If you are planning to have a boho themed garden then here are some tips to help you create one for yourself.

1. Add boho magic with salvaged pieces and vintage items

Use those salvaged windows, cupboards, dressers and tables to add the boho charm in your gardens. There is nothing more charming than adding vintage chairs, artifacts, lamps or even dinnerware with the lush greenery in the background.

Nothing looks more beautiful than vintage carpets and rugs in boho gardens. Add rose plants, lavender, hydrangeas, dahlias and bamboo to add vibrancy and complete the look.

2. Add on to the natural element

The boho theme is incomplete without lots and lots of natural elements, especially plants. A wooden paneled patio with lots of potted plants is just a perfect background for the boho theme.

Create vertical visual interest with lots of vines on a wooden wall or potted plants hung vertically on the wall. This could also be achieved with a colorful shelf filled with potted plants.

Add texture and color using different plants like morning glory, ivy, honeysuckle, bougainvilleas on wooden trellis. You can also use cactus, snake plants, spider plants, philodendron, crotons, and ferns in pots depending on the light your garden receives.

3. Use fabric boho style

Play with materials and fabrics as they help in adding color, pattern, texture and coziness. Add water proof fabric tents or tents made out of fabrics with colorful prints, motifs or patchwork to achieve the boho vibe.

Even boho style teepees are very eye-catching and could be embellished with lace, trims or pom pom. Just add an outdoor rug or an ethnic carpet to your tent with some colorful cushions and flowering plants like petunias, geraniums and sunflowers, around and your magical bohemian garden is set.

Plush textiles for cushions and covers like faux fur blankets or a woven rug can be used to give that warm inviting boho feel to your garden. There is just no holding back in Boho theme when it comes to using different, funky and patterned textiles for upholstery in your garden.

4. Add cozy lightening

Eclectic and interesting is what boho lightening is all about. There is so much to choose from like wicker, bamboo or macrame chandeliers, to Moroccan lamps, to beaded pendant lights, upcycled bottles with tea lights or string of bulbs. All these can be hung from a tree or on a patio. Fairy lights wrapped around a tree or plants or simply hung around a tent and colorful lanterns can be used to add on to the boho enchantment.

5. Add texture and colors with planters

Get some funky planters to add into the fun. Convert that bird cage into a planter. Use hanging baskets and planters for begonias, vines and ferns to add texture.

There are planters in different colors made of varied materials like macrame planters, feather planters, wheelbarrow as a planter, ceramic and Moroccan planters, clay succulent Planters which are easily available and can be used to add on to the vibrancy and beauty of the look.

6. Comfortable and relaxing seating and furnishing

Boho themed includes low seating arrangements and furnishings which are comfortable and are made for chilling and relaxing.

This can be achieved by soft ottomans, leather or shaggy poufs, cute set of painted cane chairs, curvy lounge chairs with fluffy cushions, plush and cozy bench, floor pillows or just blankets with some pom pom cushions or mats with pillows.

A hammock or a hanging cane chair could be an excellent addition. A colorful parasol could be added for some shade too. It basically includes all things which help in creating an inviting boho oasis.

Comfortable sitting can be surrounded by wonderfully smelling potted herbs or flowering plants to make you feel relaxed and close to nature as the boho theme means getting close to nature.

Bohemianism is about “more is more” so going all in and including all things you love is the best tip for creating boho themed gardens.

Layers of cushions and pillows on a mat, rug or a blanket, a few lanterns or lamps with lush green background is the minimum you need for a boho theme.

Boho themed gardens are not just good for relaxing; they are also excellent for entertaining your guests and sharing that happy vibe with them. So when are you creating them ?

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