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Here Is Your Ultimate Guide To DIY Miniature Gardens!

Here Is Your Ultimate Guide To DIY Miniature Gardens!

Miniature gardens are an excellent way to adorn the indoor spaces where the regular live plants may die. These miniature gardens are fun to make and you can experiment with your creativity and create something marvelous. But you may wonder how you can make these amazing decorative gardens at home. So here we have curated a guide for a DIY miniature garden.

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What will you need?

Making a DIY miniature is inexpensive. It will mostly utilize the commonly available things that we own in our homes. Let’s look at the list of equipment and material you will need to make a cute miniature garden.

  • Concrete pot
  • Soil and Sand
  • Plants suitable for miniature gardens
  • Broken twigs from the trees
  • Glue
  • A pair of scissors
  • Craft paper
  • Thick paper
  • Paints and brushes
  • Concrete mix

A. Preparing the garden elements

1. Selecting the right plants

You cannot use the normal plants in the miniature garden. It is because these plants require sun and a lot of water to stay alive. Also, they grow well and if you use them in your miniature garden, they will soon grow out of the pot.

So, plants that require less water and stay small are ideal for making DIY miniature gardens. Here’s a list of plants that you can choose from.

  • Mosses
  • Succulents
  • Dwarf plants/ Bonsai trees
  • Miniature Ivy
  • Baby tears

2. Preparing the pot and soil

When you are choosing the pot for your miniature garden, look for the one which has enough space to hold the soil and top surface to accommodate the variety of elements you are going to add to your garden. The pot should have drainage holes at the bottom to prevent waterlogging in case of overwatering. If there aren’t any holes, don’t worry as you can drill them on your own.

Since you cannot overwater the garden to provide nutrition to your garden plants, it is important to use rich and dark organic soil to build your miniature garden.

3. Making the miniature hut, furniture, and tools

A miniature garden is incomplete without a hut with mini furniture and gardening tools. So here’s how you can make these elements for your garden.

  • Firstly, draw the four sides and the ceiling of your miniature hut on craft paper. Cut it along the lines with a scissor.
  • Secondly, break the twigs to cover the surface of the cut portions of the paper. Paste the twigs on the paper with the help of glue.
  • Thirdly, join the walls and ceiling to form a hut using wood glue. Let it rest and dry off completely.
  • Use the twigs to make mini benches and tables in a similar way that you made the hut. Make sure that the sizes of benches and tables are small enough to be accommodated in the miniature hut. Paint them using brown painting color to add a more realistic effect.
  • Make fences and ladders using the same technique.
  • Make watering equipment like buckets using the thick craft parr. Just cut small pieces of the paper, roll them and paste the sides. Cut a round piece to make the base and paste it. Paint them in the color of your choice.
  • Lastly, to make the planters, cut small pieces of paper and roll them. Paste the sides. Now fold one side to form the bottom of the planter and tape it.

4. Making the bird’s hut, welcome signs, and walking path

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To make the bird’s hut, you will need to draw the lines on the cardboard sheet and cut it out. Fold the edges and paste them to make a hut. Attach the house on top of a small tree twig. You can make the welcome signs by writing “Welcome” on cylindrical branches of the trees.

To make the walking path, mix one part of cement with three parts of sand and add water. Don’t make it too thin. Place polythene on a flat surface and pour the cement mixture on it. Spread it and make a slight curve to the path.

You can make small squares on the wet cement to make it look like a real highway. Use the cement mixture to roll out flattened stones. Let the path and stones dry off completely. You can even color the path with grey or black and paint the squares and stepping stones with white color.

B. Assembling the DIY miniature garden

Once you have prepared the soil, pot, and other accessories for your miniature garden, it’s time to start assembling your DIY miniature garden. You can follow the steps given below to do it.

  • Firstly, fill the pot with the organic soil and add a layer of sand.
  • Secondly, plant the miniature plants in the soil by making a hole with your finger and placing them in it. Do not push the plants into the soil as this will damage the plants.
  • Finally, on a small piece of concrete, place the hut and furniture. Arrange other accessories in place to form a beautiful miniature DIY garden.

Hope you find this guide to DIY miniature garden useful. You can check out our collection of miniature garden toys and can decide what theme you want your to convert your garden into. Have Fun !!! 

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