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8 Amazing DIY Hanging Planter Ideas To Add To Your Garden

8 Amazing DIY Hanging Planter Ideas To Add To Your Garden

Are you looking for a way to highlight your indoor garden while also giving your home a fresh outlook on life? Hanging planters are an excellent way to bring lush, green intrigue and beauty to any room in your home or apartment. They're also on-trend and perfect for folks with compact living spaces because they take up no floor or surface space.

Plant hangers are simple to create, and you'd be surprised at how many things you can upcycle and recycle to make them. You'll discover the right hanging planter to give your home whatever look you want it to have, from antique bird cages to hollowed out coconuts. Hanging plants inside your home not only adds to the aesthetic appeal, but they are also quite beneficial.

One of the fabulous things about hanging planters is that they are a simple and inexpensive DIY project that anyone can do. Start cultivating your indoor garden today with this compilation of the greatest DIY hanging planter ideas!


Are you never sure what to do with the empty coconut shells other than throw them away. Here's a much better suggestion. Make a planter out of that empty coconut shell! With just one coconut, you can build two planters. You may put succulents in them or add a little house flower to them. Coconuts make fantastic hanging planters if you want to go for a seaside theme.


All you need to make a lovely hanging planter is around Rs. 100 worth of materials. To make this one, all you need is a pot, some rope or twine, and a few colourful beads. It's quite simple and just takes a few minutes to complete. If you know someone who enjoys hanging plants, these make fantastic gifts. They can be placed indoors or on the porch or deck to provide some lovely greens.

3. Wooden Planters

 It's not necessary to have rope or thread to enjoy beautiful hanging planters. These wooden wall planters are simple and affordable to create, and they can be hung on your walls. These are ideal for succulents, but you could make them a little larger and use them for larger plants. Hang them on the inside of your house, or outside on your porch or deck.


These cool ancient bird cages may be found at thrift stores for a very low price. Don't be concerned if they have dents, are somewhat scarred, or are broken; this only adds to their rustic appeal.

Simply fill the bird cage with your favourite plants and hang it with string, twine, or rope once you have it. This is a great method to make a rustic-looking planter that can be used both indoors and out.


Macrame is a vintage technique that entails knotting cording into attractive and useful patterns. A DIY macrame hanging plant planter may be used in a range of decor styles, including giving a touch of nature to a bedroom or as part of a boho chic living room.

It's a simple project that only requires basic knots. It's also reasonably priced, so you can make some for yourself and others to give away. In reality, a small plant in a DIY macrame hanging plant container can be a kind housewarming gift or a considerate gift for other important occasions.


You can use any jar you have on hand to make a modern, clean, and extremely cool piece of decor for your home with this macrame mason jar plant hanger. These would be wonderful as a housewarming gift for a new home or apartment, whether hung in a group or on their own.

Make your macrame hanger as long or short as you want, then hang it in a sunny area to keep your plant thriving and healthy within that mason jar.
You can grow herbs, succulents and many more in these planters.


An empty plastic bottle may be recycled into something cute and creative with a hanging bottle pot! It's not only a great way to keep bottles out of the trash, but it's also a simple DIY project that can help you hang plants all throughout the house. Furthermore, converting an ordinary bottle into a hanging plant container takes less than 15 minutes!

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle are the three R's you should be aiming while creating these plastic bottle planters.


That old tyre in your lawn could be turned into a gorgeous planter. There are numerous methods to repurpose old tyres. You simply hang the tyre from a tree and add your plant - well, there is a little more work involved than that, but it is a very simple and artistic DIY.

So feeling inspired already? Go get immersed in the creative process and unleash your artistic talents while bringing lots of greens in your life.
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