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Minimalist Plants That Anyone Can Grow

Gone are the days when we would have an ample amount of time in our hands. We come home from work, we put down our bags and tend to relax for a few minutes before we deal with the work at home. Many a time, We have our hands full dealing with the workload. Tending our house plants then becomes over the top. We forget to water house plants as a result they die which breaks our hearts.

For those who want the greenery but don's want the hassle of frequently watering them, Here are a few suggestions for happy gardening!!!

Zamioculcas zamiifolia, ZZ Plant:

Zamia or ZZ plants are virtually indestructible and require the least care. Also known as eternal plants, these are long-lasting and super hardy. The plant has roots called rhizomes; which stores water and help the plant to withstand even in harsh conditions.

The bright leaves effectively absorbs air pollutants like xylene, toluene, benzene, etc. These are probably the best plants for the first time plant owners.

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Money Plant:

Commonly known as golden pothos, Money plants are evergreen and can be kept both indoor as well as outdoor. The plants have everything to revive and flourish positive energy in the house.

These are few plants that can be grown in water as well as in soil. Some of the amazing benefits of money plant are that keeping them anywhere will fill the house with prosperity and wealth, these are perfect Anti Radiator, Purifies Air, and have incredible Medicinal Benefits.

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Sansevieria, Snake Plant:

Also known as Sansevieria, snake plants are known for their adaptability and tolerance, and are widely used as houseplants. These are remarkable indoor plants that are easy to grow and require minimal care and attention.

Snake plants are proven as one of the best indoor air purifiers, as leaves soak up toxins and carbon dioxide and produce oxygen to help purify the air.

These are indigenous plants with the striking appearance of the leaves, one should pot these in large planters as it can grow 1m tall.

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Red Aglaonema:

The Red Aglaonema is a beautiful and hardy plant that is a good choice for those who want a great stylish plant but don't want the fuss that goes with it.

Red Aglaonema produces gorgeous red-and-green foliage and thrives in bright to low light conditions (just keep it out of the direct sun). It also can go a week or more without watering.

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Ponytail Palm:

Also known as the Elephant Foot Plant, It has a flattened, grey base that acts as a water reservoir. This ensures that the plant has water when needed. Ponytail palm likes bright light and grows slowly so it won't take over your living room.

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