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All You Need Know Grow Organic Tomatoes !

We all love the taste of ripe tomatoes from a home garden. And you can get a head start on your summer crop by starting seeds in your house.

Tomatoes are the major source of the antioxidant lycopene, which has been connected to multiple health benefits.

Growing fresh tomatoes from seeds is no harder than planting store-bought seeds. Buying good quality seeds or using fresh tomatoes from the kitchen can be two great options to introduce your kitchen garden.

Wondering what would be the expert steps to grow fresh tomatoes? well below are the steps you can follow for an endless supply of fresh tomatoes -

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Fill seed pots with a good-quality potting mixture, Note that the potting mix is not the same as potting soil. It is thinner than soil and normally contains peat moss, compost, vermiculite, perlite, and sand. It holds moisture but doesn't get soggy.

Be sure that the pots have drainage holes. Water the mix before planting.

Remove the seeds from a ripe tomato OR take the chopped slices of tomatoes or seeds. Plant 3-4 seeds in each small pot. Push each seed about 1/4 inch into the moist soil.

Keep the seed pots in the area, let it sit in a warm spot out of direct sun for about a week for germination.

Check the pots daily for sprouts. When you see little plants appear, place the pots to get about three hours of partial sun.

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Keep checking the soil every day to make sure it stays moist. If the soil feels dry, spray water on the seedling. If you overlook to water the seeds, the seedlings will die. Too much water is dangerous for the plants, so be sure the pots are draining well.

Not all the seeds will germinate, and the pattern of growth will be uneven. If two or more of the seeds sprout in one pot, remove the thinner shoots when they are about two inches tall. Allow one strong tomato plant to settle in each pot.

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When a seedling grows to 3-4 inches tall and has leaves, transfer it to a larger pot. Select a pot with sufficient drainage holes, selecting a good planter for the kitchen garden or herb garden is very important.

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Transfer the plant outside when the weather is warm. Place it in the ground or bigger pot in full sun and put a tomato cage or supporting sticks over it. This will support the fruit as the plant grows taller.

You can always grow, lantana, marigold lemon balm or some herbs like basil nearby to keep pests away from the tomato plants. Keep an eye on weeds growing and check the suitability of the soil. 

So next time, you are craving freshly made pasta in delicious red sauce you should remember that growing tomatoes is not hard. Go try them now.

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