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Top 10 Shrubs

Tecoma (Shrub, Orange) - Plant

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Tecoma capensis is an excellent plant to use in a wildlife garden.

Malpighia Glabra, Pink Flowering Malpighia - Plant

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Malpighia Glabra, Barbados cherry is a shrub or small tree.

Bougainvillea Dwarf (Pink) - Plant

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Bougainvillea in the garden offers green foliage year round and brilliant blooms in summer.

Cascabela Thevetia, Yellow Oleander, Bitti (Yellow) - Plant

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Cascabela thevetiaultivated is cultivated widely as an ornamental.its common name is yellow oleander, and is also called lucky nut in the West Indies.

Pisonia Alba, Catchbirdtrees, Birdcatcher, Birdlime - Plant

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Pisonia alba is foliage plant with greenish-yellow leaves.

Ixora Mini Dwarf (White) - Plant

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It produces clusters of star-shaped flowers all year round. Each cluster is consists of flowers that comes in red, yellow, pink,orange or peach in color.

Tecoma (Shurb, Pink) - Plant

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Tecoma is a genus of 14 species of shrubs or small trees in the trumpet vine family, Bignoniaceae.

Abelia - Plant

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Abelia shrubs are one of those plants that became popular because of interesting foliage, showy flowers, reliable performance and simple abelia care.Never cultivars of the glossy abelia plant provide a range of colours and forms.

Ochna, Mickey Mouse Plant

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Is a small, loose, open, semi-evergreen shrub which typically grows to 4 to 8 tall and 3 to 4 wide

About Top 10 Shrubs

Shrubs play an important part in the gardening and landscaping. Shrubs plants are woody stems which are smaller than tree plants but bigger than herbaceous plants. A typical shrub has several stems arising from the main stem at ground level itself and can make them bushy. 

Foliage Shrub plants are at­tractive in their green or variegated foliage, the flowering shrub has showy and attractive flowers structure and color and some are grown for their attractive berries. According to the shrub feature, can create a shrub row, border for garden screening. Being permanent, Shrub plant form part of the framework of the garden. A single specimen shrub in the lawn boosts the garden beauty. Also, you can create topiary work with the shrub plant.
Shrub plants are outdoor as well as indoor plant. The Shrub can prevent architectural features like glass doors and windows from conducting heat thereby keeping the overall temperature of the interiors down.

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