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Top 10 Outdoor Flowering Plants

Rose (Marigold, Red) - Plant

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Roses are a group of herbaceous shrubs found in temperate regions throughout both hemispheres. Rose is considered by many as the most beautiful of all flowers.

Tecoma (Shrub, Orange) - Plant

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Tecoma capensis is an excellent plant to use in a wildlife garden.

Bougainvillea (Pink) - Plant

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Bougainvillea is a genus of thorny ornamental vines, bushes, and trees with flower-like spring leaves near its flowers.

Bush Allamanda (Yellow) - Plant

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The Allamanda plant is a twining, bushy vine known for its brightly coloured, funnel or trumpet-shaped flowers & thick foliage.

Tecoma, Goudichoudi (Yellow) - Plant

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Tecoma stans is a species of flowering perennial shrub in the trumpet vine family.

Tagar Double - Plant

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In zones where it is not hardy it is grown as a house/glasshouse plant for its attractive flowers and foliage. The stem exudes a milky latex when broken

Tagar Variegated - Plant

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A big shrub with glossy leaves. This plant is drought resistant. flowering is very profuse. Some species can be used for decorative hedging.

Allamanda Creeper (Yellow) - Plant

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Allamanda is a genus of flowering plants in the dogbane family, Apocynaceae. They contain a white latex.

Tuberose, Rajnigandha (Double) - Plant

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Polianthes tuberosa is a night-blooming plant. Tuberoses are a popular flower in floral arrangements.

About Top 10 Outdoor Flowering Plants

Who doesn't want to see beautiful flowers bloomed in the morning, making our pleasant and lovely? The beautiful flowering plants not only act as mood booster but are also act as food provider for many small creatures like butterflies, bees and many more.

A flowering garden is a thing of joy and with these old-fashioned favorites, it’s not as difficult as you’d imagine cultivating these beautiful old-fashioned blooms.
The following plants can stand up to heat and humidity. You will want to get them established, before the worst of the heat sets in, and you will still need to keep them watered regularly. They won't faint during the day or require a lot of additional care.

With literally hundreds of flowering plants to choose from, a trip to the garden center can be bewildering. Our advice? Start with the classics: beautiful, reliable, and easy-care flowering plants

Here's an easy-grow collection of the best, most beautiful perennial flowers that are perfect for any garden especially if you're a beginner!

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