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This premium Plastic planter offers a unique design with a luxurious look.

This planter is available in unique shape, size and line wood design. Beautify your garden, balcony, patio, office etc. with our planter.


Self Watering No
Height 3.9 inch (10 cm)
Soil Capacity 1.4 Kg
Upper Length 5.9 inch (15 cm)
Upper Breadth 5.9 inch (15 cm)
Lower Length 3 inch (7.5 cm)
Lower Breadth 3 inch (7.5 cm)
Drainage Holes 0


Product Type Table Top
Each unit contains 1 pot, 1 lid
Color Brown
Size Wooden Finish
Shape Triangular
Product Material Plastic


Indoor, Outdoor, Terrace, Table etc.


All type of indoor and outdoor plants.


Wipe out with soft and dry cloth, store in clean and dry place, handle with firm hands.

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