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Top 10 Water Plants to Beautify Your Home

Top 10 Water Plants to Beautify Your Home

Aquatic plants or water plants are a symbol of serenity, rejuvenation and stability.Add a touch of greenery to your space without having to worry about its maintenance with water plants from Nurserylive.

Recreate a picture from Pinterest or Instagram by placing them near windows or on tables. Feel close to nature in your homes by adding some water plants in the surroundings.

These are the top 10 water plants that you can choose from to spruce up your place instantly.

1. Lucky Bamboo

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Symbolising happiness, prosperity and good fortune, the Lucky Bamboo plant can grow beautifully in indirect sunlight and even in mildly cold areas of your space.

In the Eastern part of the world, the water plant has a unique interpretation. The bamboo represents wood, and the red ribbon tied to it represents fire. They collectively portray a sense of balance and safety in life.

Put these in a glass pot filled with water, throw in some pebbles for some cute decor and enjoy the refreshing feeling at home.

2. Forget-Me-Not Plant

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Also known as Myosotis Scorpioides, the Water Forget-Me-Not is the perfect definition of ‘aesthetic beauty’. These tiny blue flowers with yellow centres uplift any space they are placed in.

These water plants are perennial in nature and can bring a smile to anyone’s face with just its presence.

3. Money Plant

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Even a newbie in the field of gardening knows about Money Pant. The Money Plant is believed to bring wealth and financial prosperity to its owner. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors and both in soil and in water.
It also acts as a natural air purifier that cleanses its surrounding of toxins, which makes it a great plant to have, especially in the heavily polluted metropolitan cities.

4. Water Hyacinth

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Scientifically called the Eichhornia Crassipes, the Water Hyacinth is just the pop of colour missing from your life. It is bold; it immediately stands out when placed with other flora, and brightens any place.

Besides its ornamental attribute, this water plant also can absorb harmful metals like mercury, cobalt, nickel, cadmium from the air, thus can serve as a pretty-looking air purifier at your house.

5. Water Bamboo

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Commonly known as the rough horsetail plant, the Water Bamboo is a one of a kind plant that is sure to make heads turn. It has been around since the prehistoric times and continues to stand tall (quite literally) anywhere it is planted.
It boasts of a unique appearance by flaunting a vertical landscape of its own. When placed against a plain background, it brings a beautiful contrast to life which can serve as the perfect background for your next Instagram post!

6. Lotus (Water Lillies)

Buy Lotus or Water Lilly

Also called the Nelumbo Nucifera, the Lotus plant is probably the most famous ornamental plant known. There are many known varieties of the plant. It has various medical, ornamental and even edible uses.
This water plant is a fundamental part of Asian culture. It has a very sweet scent that can immediately elevate the vibe of your house, making the ambience even livelier. It represents purity, incarnation, creation and beauty, among other traits.

7. Water Stargrass

This perennial plant gets its name from its yellow flowers that float on water and give off a starry appearance. It is alternatively called ‘Grassleaf Mudplantain.’
This water plant has a slender, multi-branched stem from which long grass-like leaves grow alternatively. Its tiny yellow flowers are small, narrow and consist of six small petals. The Water Stragrass gives off a very delicate appearance, thus making it a perfect choice for your space.

8. Cattail Plant

Known as “Typha Latifolia”, the Cattail plant is one of the most versatile plants out there. Every part of the water plant is useful for humans. It has industrial, medicinal and nutritional uses among many others. Ornamentally it can be used as a pond plant or even for dried flower arrangements.
Cattail plant has a majestic, tall appearance when planted against other smaller aquatic plants in the water garden.

9. Water Cabbage

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This water plant is often known by Water Lettuce, Nile Cabbage, Shellflower, Tropical Duckweed and more. It has a number of medicinal uses like reducing the risk of cancer and even acts as a laxative for treating mushroom poisoning and eye salves.
It also has some great culinary uses like eating it raw, steaming it, using it for pickles, making the famous Korean kimchi, in salads, and cooking vegetables.

10. Mosquito Fern - Azolla

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Commonly called ‘Azolla’, this water plant is extremely useful in blocking mosquitoes' attempts to lay eggs, making gardening and maintenance very easy. This can also be your natural mosquito repellent plant.

It is also called the “super-plant” because it has been used in China and other eastern countries as ‘green manure’ which can boost fertility over 150 per cent!

Water plants have made gardening easy and low-maintenance. They are the best way to make your surroundings aesthetically pleasing with the bare minimum effort. It gets even better when some of them, as you read above, act as air purifiers and have some medicinal properties as well.
So how many of the water plants mentioned above would you like to welcome in your home?

Head on to Nurserylive where you can buy your favourites from the top 10 water plants collection, and more easily from the comfort of your home!

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