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Top 10 Terrarium Plants For Your Plant Based Decor

Top 10 Terrarium Plants For Your Plant Based Decor

A terrarium is the latest rage in terms of indoor gardening. Though It is not a new concept. Terrarium was developed by a botanist way back in 1842. Since then, they have been a complete rage in the 70s. And now, thanks to confined spaces and lack of proper sunlight, terrariums have made a comeback.

The terrarium is a mini-ecosystem where plants can thrive inside a glass container, vases, or bowl. Let’s have a look at what are the top 10 terrarium plants  -

1. Pilea Cadierei 

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This plant is also known as an aluminum plant. A low-growing stunning foliage plant that is easy to care for as well as maintain. The beautiful silver pattern on the leaves makes it a beautiful plant. This plant demands bright and indirect light and prefers moist soil conditions.

No wonder this plant is highly suitable for terrarium life. It grows up to 8-12 inches and requires moderate watering.

2. Pilea Glauca

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These plants are also known as Chinese Money or Friendship plant. They come in huge varieties in terms of size. They have a very beautiful and cute round-leaf pattern that makes them an attractive houseplant. It has succulent leaves and a thin stalk. These plants do quite well in both terrariums as well as in the hanging baskets.

These are quite hardy plants, but make sure that you water them only as per the demand. They grow towards the light but prefer to be rotated from time to time.

3. Polka Dot Plant

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This plant is also known as Hypoestes Phyllostachya. Imagine the semi-wide dark green leaves with a small polka dot pattern all over them, making the plant a stunning indoor terrarium plant. These are the foliage plants that prefer to grow in bright and indirect sunlight conditions.

They can grow up to 10-20 inches and prefer regular and even moisture soil conditions. A lover of high humidity, these plants are tailor-made for a different environment.

4. Watermelon Peperomia 

This plant has green and silver variegated leaves. The leaves are quite similar to the watermelon skin. Since the plant enjoys moist life, thus it is well suited for a terrarium. These plants can grow up to 8 inches tall. Your Watermelon Peperomia will be happiest in medium to bright indirect light. 

5. Starfish Flower Cactus 

This is one of the unique varieties of cactus that prefers humidity. They are star-shaped cactus and have strapped-shaped leaves that change color as per the sunlight. This is a slow-growing plant that makes it perfect for a terrarium ecosystem.

6. Fittonia Albivenis 

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This is also known as a nerve plant. It features in the category of a terrarium houseplant that can easily grow in humid conditions. Bright green leaves with silver-like vein patterns are the major attractive feature of this plant. The veins can also come in pink and white color.

Your Fittonia prefers bright, indirect light. Lower light can cause it to lose some of its vibrant color and growth will slow. These plants are over-sensitive to water; thus make sure that you take utmost care while watering them.

7. Helxine Soleirolii 

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These plants also go by the name of Baby Tear. They spread across 3-6 feet. Their preferred soil conditions are loamy, rich, and moist soil. These are perennial evergreen plants and thus widely preferred as a terrarium plant. When it comes to sunlight, then they prefer indirect or partial sunlight.

The leaves of this plant tend to burn when the sunlight is too direct or harsh. These plants prefer bright, filtered, indirect, or artificial light.

8. Golden Clubmoss 

It is one of the great combination plants to be grown inside the terrarium. This is a light green plant and presents a pop of color beside the dark green plants. They tend to grow quite long, up to 6 inches in height, and thus the plants need regular trimming so that they don’t outgrow the terrarium.

9. Air Plant 

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These amazing and magical plants don’t even require soil. They just need water and nutrients to grow. They have thin funnel-shaped pale green leaves, which form one of the most popular choices as a terrarium plant.

Try these plants, and you are bound to be impressed by them.

10. Strawberry Begonia

This plant gets its name from the red vertical stalks and flowers. This can reach a maximum height of 8 inches and make sure that you either put them in a big terrarium or regularly prune them. This terrarium plant also acts as a pop of bright color even when they are not in blooming condition.

The above given are some of the best plants for a terrarium. All of them and much more are available on our website.

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All the best for your terrarium.

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