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Top 10 Succulents You Can Easily Grow at Home

Top 10 Succulents You Can Easily Grow at Home

The water retention capacity of succulents makes them extremely easy to grow indoors and in dry climates. These houseplants are a popular choice among garden-lovers.

Succulents add a unique identity to any living space. They come in various textures, shapes and pretty colours, making it aesthetically pleasing

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, we have something for each one of you. Here are our Top 10 Succulents which can enhance your gardening experience:

1.Jade Plant

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Jade plants are one of the most popular houseplants. It is also called a money plant, lucky plant or money tree. It is believed to bring good luck to the household, and is thus, often a preferred housewarming gift.

Jade plant succulent is native to South Africa and has thick, green, oval-shaped leaves. The woody stems and mini-tree like appearance adds to its decorative appeal.

These should be watered only when the soil is completely dry or almost dry. You can go for a week without watering the plant. It is prone to extremely cold conditions.

They can become heavy at the top as they grow, therefore, it is best to grow them in a heavy, bottom-wide container.

2. ZZ Plant

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Zamioculcas zamiifolia, popularly called ZZ comes from Eastern Africa. Its distinguishing feature is the glossy, dark green leaves which adds to its pleasing appearance. The smooth and shiny leaves reflect sunlight which makes any living space brighter.

This plant is very low maintenance and can survive in low-light without much water. It grows to a height of two to three feet and also works as an air purifier, which makes it all the more useful in any house or office space too.

One thing to keep in mind about the ZZ plant is that its leaves are poisonous. Thus, though it is a good choice as a home plant, it is best kept away from pets and children.

3. Kalanchoe

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Kalanchoe is native to Madagascar and thrives in dry conditions with well-drained soil. The flowering kalanchoes come in many beautiful colours like red, pink, yellow or white.

It is also called Widow’s Thrill or Panda Plant. It has thick, flat leaves and flowers sprout from stems into wide foliage. 

These succulents require little sunlight and winter Sun which helps them form new buds. Watering moderately in summers and reducing the water in the winter season is best for Kalanchoes.
They can be grown from cuttings and give leaves and flowers of diverse colours and shapes.

4. Peperomia

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Peperomia has thick, fleshy leaves for good moisture retention, making them an easy to maintain houseplant. Native to South America, Mexico and West Indies, the peperomia plant has more than 1000 known species.

It grows in naturally-lit, bright rooms or a place with no direct sunlight.

It is also an air purifier which makes it a popular choice as a houseplant. The leaves of peperomia come in varied designs, colours and textures, like red, green, grey, marble-textured, plain, solid coloured, heart-shaped, tiny, large etc.

5. Sedum

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Sedum is a perennial plant that has fleshy leaves and stems. It is also called stonecrop for its star-shaped flowers. They come in two varieties- low height growth and upright, and tall growth.

The first is generally used outdoors along driveways or to cover the ground.
The second variety is used to border garden areas.

Spring climate is ideal for Sedums when it is neither too cold nor too hot. They require well-drained soil and moderate sunlight and can bloom and thrive easily in hot temperatures. They do not need any extra fertilising or care, which makes it easy to grow the plant.

6. Aloe Vera

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Aloe Vera is a medical succulent, found quite commonly in most households. It has multiple benefits and usages, making it more appealing to gardeners and non-gardeners alike. Requiring very little care, aloe vera can grow easily in indirect sunlight with drained soil.

The plant has no stem and the leaves contain a juice which is used in treating rashes or burns. Aloe vera is also a common ingredient in cosmetics, lotions and soaps for its cooling properties. It has thick, green, fleshy leaves with small white teeth-like structures on the surface.

7. Echeveria

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Echeveria is another low-maintenance succulent that requires less water and simple conditions to grow. These are slow-growing plants with thick waxy leaves. Echeveria requires hot climate and dry conditions with well-drained soil to grow.

Echeveria grows best in spring and autumn, in beautiful colours and textures. Clusters of this succulent resemble a rosette, and it grows to a height of a few inches to about a foot tall. They require good air circulation and should be grown either outdoors or in a dry, airy space.

8. Portulaca

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Portulaca plants are found in tropical, warm regions and are also called sun rose or moss rose. It grows at a low height and the flowers stand taller than the low-lying leaves. It gives saucer-shaped, rose-like flowers in various appealing colours- pink, magenta, peach, purple, orange and many more.

The leaves are fleshy and narrow, and the plant grows to about one foot. Its high drought and heat tolerance makes it ideal for growing in areas with direct sunlight.

9. Haworthia

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Haworthia is another houseplant that mimics aloe vera. It has long fleshy leaves with pearl-like warts or white stripes on them, which gives it a unique look. It is also called the ‘polka-dotted’ plant or the zebra cactus. It grows at a low height of about 3-5 inches.

Haworthia grows easily in dry climates with direct or indirect sunlight. It can go weeks without being watered and grows well even if potted in a holed container to avoid water retention in the soil.

10. Sansevieria

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Sansevieria, commonly called the ‘snake plant’ is another easy to grow succulent which has tall-growing leaves. They are perennials with long life and come in various shapes, sizes, and textures. These are resilient plants that can grow in almost any condition- low light or direct sunlight.
Their special photosynthesis allows them to release some oxygen even at night, unlike other plants that release oxygen only during the day.

Succulents, thus, are a great choice for beginners in gardening, given the little care they require. Nursery Live has all the above succulents and many more plants to choose from to uplift your gardening space. To know more about plants or to buy any plant for your garden or nursery, visit Nursery Live.

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