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Top 10 Ornamental Plants for the Interior Designer In You

Top 10 Ornamental Plants for the Interior Designer In You

A fondness of decorating our abode is a desire that pleases not just our creative side but satisfies us spiritually too. We all want our space to reflect the best of us and what better way than to add beautiful ornamental plants to compliment your space.

Plants can accessorise your home in ways you cannot imagine. And, the best part is you do not even need to be an expert to understand these ornamental plants. All you need is a plant and a decorating space, and voila! You are an interior decorator.

Aesthetically pleasing plants should be placed to enhance the look of a garden or special corner of your house.

With little care and basic knowledge, you can give yourself the gift of a lifetime. Let us walk you through Top 10 Ornamental Plants.

1. The Positive Energy Booster- Areca Palm

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Looking for something bright for your living room or gallery. How about a little green in the corner? Areca Palm, also called Golden Cane Palm, is a near extinction species that gives a gorgeous appearance and makes any space look lush.

This light-loving plant does not need direct sunlight but does demand sufficient water during the summer season. The leaves of Areca Palm are big and feathery, making it a beautiful ornamental plant.

Bring one home, and you will be pleased by how it’s mere presence can remodel your home.

2. The Dramatic Ornate- Acalypha Wilkesiana

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Also called the Copperleaf plant, Acalypha Wilkesiana has a mesmerising beauty which comes in various colours. This ornamental plant is best suited for a full-sun space because sunlight makes its leaves even more splendid.

However, you can plant copperleaf plants in partial sun space too, and it would still be alluring. Its oval and heart-shaped leaves are a treat to eyes. Water this regularly and you will have for yourself a stunning ornate to adorn your home.

3. The Gift of Fresh Air- Aglaonema Brilliant

Buy Agalonema Brilliant

Do you want to style your home space and wish it could come with some goodness too? You are in luck! The Aglaonema Brilliant plant is an air purifier too. This spectacular looking plant comes with bright leaves.

With sufficient light and water, Aglaonema Brilliant can give an exotic look to your house. How about you bring one and see it for yourself?

4. The Queen of Beauty- Dieffenbachia Amoena Tropic Snow

Buy Dieffenbachia Amoena Tropic Snow

Dieffenbachia Amoena Tropic Snow is one of the most beautiful of its category. It makes your home space ravishing by its presence. Its stunningly mottled leaves, with cream-coloured middle and green edges, give it an artistic look.

Although, looks are not only what this beauty is famous for. It also removes toxins from the air giving you a clean environment to breathe in. So, use it as an ornamental plant indoors and let it thrive in medium light and regular watering.

5. The Once in a Century Flowering Plant- Agave Americana - Succulent Plant

Buy Agave Americana

Also known as the Century Plant for flowering only once every 100 years, Agave Americana enhances any landscape with its beautiful long leaves. The literal meaning of Agave is admirable in Greek, and it is interesting to see how true this plant stands by its meaning.

Secure a large space either outdoors or indoors for this succulent plant, which needs little water and light to embrace your house with beauty and positivity.

6. The Divine Flower Plant- Dianthus

Buy Dianthus

This elegant flowering plant has a delightful foliage for any space. Its vibrant pink flowers will wrap your house with a pleasant aroma. Give this ornamental plant full to partial sun with well-drained soil and see them bloom in their full glory.

A true charmer, Dianthus, rise on slender stems, giving them a unique appearance. Place it on your centre table and style up your living room.

7. The Dazzling Royalty- Miniature Rose

Buy Miniature Rose

Roses are beautiful, vibrant and serve as one of the best ornamental plants. A miniature version of it sure does sound cute. Miniature Rose or Button Rose is an antique plant with exquisite petals that enchants the entire area with its aroma.

With natural light and sufficient water, this gorgeous beauty can remodel your house with a classy look.

8. The Charming Easy Breezy Ornate- Kalanchoe

Buy Kalanchoe

Your dream flora needs a showstopper and who better than Kalanchoe with vibrant pink leaves and butterfly-like plantlets on them. One glimpse of it and you are sure to fall in love with this queen of charm.

Kalanchoe can be put indoors as an ornamental plant with minimal water and light. It will beautify your home with minimal effort.

9. Flowers of the Holy Night- Poinsettia

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Poinsettia is a pious plant to have. Poinsettia or the Christmas flower is a stunning plant with multi-hued flowers. It is not a demanding one and blooms with no efforts.

The beauty of this flowering plant lies in the lush petals that make it look exotic. With a Poinsettia, you will not just bring an ornamental plant but the gift of tranquillity in your house.

10. The Perfect Life Balance-Syngonium Podophyllum White Butterfly

Buy Syngonium Plants

The butterfly wings-like leaves in green and cream hues speak volumes of what a beauty Syngonium Podophyllum is. This easy-going plant is of the climber species, which makes it amazing for decoration purposes.

It can be placed on a tabletop with its leaves protruding upwards and balanced by a fancy stick.

Along with being ornamental pieces, these ornamental plants are a source of oxygen and clean air. You now know which plants to pick for decoration.

Give your house a multi-coloured palette makeover by bringing home some of these amazing ornamental plants. Relish your evening tea sitting beside a gorgeous plant and relax your senses. Check them out today at Nurserylive.

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Farida Sakarwala - March 18, 2021

you send me 2 plants that I was won by paid 200 rs.shipping ,one is gold money plant n one is zade plant .money plant is growing well but zade plant is died.i don’t know what happened.

Nand Kumar Aiyer - March 18, 2021

Can I buy all the plants in decent coloured pots of good height from you

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