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Top 10 Medicinal Plants For Your Herb Garden

Top 10 Medicinal Plants For Your Herb Garden

Welcome to modern lifestyles, where stress and screen are dominating our lives. There is no time to heal, and thus healthy habits are a must, from the start. We need to work on our foundation.

Here, we would like to encourage you with a healthy habit of indoor gardening.

Thanks to confined urban spaces, indoor gardening is becoming increasingly popular. The focus must be on growing correct plants that might prove beneficial for us in the long run. And thus, today, we will cover medicinal plants.

Here we have taken the top 10 medicinal plants that can be grown indoors and heal and strengthen you from inside:

1. Wild Asparagus 

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A creeping evergreen perennial plant that has loads of health  benefits. The plant is a boon for all insomniacs. It also has calming properties and helps in boosting lung and sexual health.

The plant can easily grow along the sides of your house in gritty soil where there is loads of sunlight. Once the plant develops good height, you can easily transfer it to the indoor area.

2. Holy Basil 

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This tree is loaded with antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Basil leaves have healing properties with insect bites or even protect you from cold waves and strengthen your immunity system. This is also considered an extremely auspicious tree in Indian mythology.

The tree can survive in medium to low sunlight, but it requires water every day. But once the tree has achieved its height, it can easily survive on its own.

3. Ashwagandha 

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It is a well-known species of asparagus, which is largely found in the Himalayan and entire Indian plains. This powerful herb can easily be grown in the monsoon season in your backyard. It requires a tiny space, and you could grow multiple plants together.

Ashwagandha, another local name of this plant, is extremely beneficial in the cold. It strengthens the heart and lungs and thus raises your immunity level from within.

4. Black Haldi 

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Black Haldi is one such hidden wonder that can be grown in any land type. You can grow it year-round, be it monsoon, summers, or winter season. You can even grow black Haldi in small containers and then transfer them to a bigger pot when required.

Black Turmeric is an antioxidant and also has anti-inflammatory benefits. The root of this plant helps in treating asthma, arthritis, epilepsy, and many other diseases.

5. Peppermint

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Peppermint is one of the easiest plants to grow in your backyard. Not only can it be grown all year round, but it also thrives in little to no maintenance conditions. Mint is extremely beneficial when it comes to our digestive system. In case you have digestive issues, make a peppermint tea within 2-3 days.

6. Insulin

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Another medicinal plant is the insulin plant. This plant has been mentioned in Indian mythology for its therapeutic benefits. The plant is a beautiful ingredient for kids to treat their cough and cold. The plant also has a positive effect on the hippocampus part of the brain, known to boost intelligence.

The insulin plant is an easy flourishing plant that can grow in a variety of soil conditions. All it needs is bright sunlight.

7. Neem Tree 

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The best way to grow neem plants at home is through fresh neem seeds. Just pot them in well-drained soil, and within 15 days, you will see the results. Neem, as we all know, has antiseptic properties. Drink neem juice every day to remove all the toxins from your body.

8. Gotu Kola 

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One of the easier medicinal adaptogen plants to grow and flourish, this plant also grows in moist and well-drained soil. The only thing this plant needs is frequent watering and lots of sunlight. Gotu Kola eases cognitive functions. It is also helpful in treating Alzheimer's disease, among many other health benefits.

9. Sarpagandha

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This is the Indian snakeroot, which is a prime ingredient in controlling blood pressure. This plant further helps in treating insomnia and asthma. It can easily be grown at the start of summer. Make sure that you use porous and good-quality potting soil. Water it thoroughly and keep it in a well-lit condition.

10. Aloe Vera Plant

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An evergreen indoor plant, it has several medicinal benefits as well. This is a hardy plant that flourishes equally well when placed in little to no sunlight conditions. This plant is known to boost digestive health and heals burns and cuts within seconds. The plant does not need much watering and will grow on its own.

It is very important to have your green care in today’s age to take care of your own needs. Medicinal plants are non-synthetic drugs and are highly recommended for their greater nutritional value.

You would get all of these plants from Nursery Live under the medicinal plant category. Nursery Live serves as your plant encyclopedia. You would get a huge variety of plants and plant accessories at a quite reasonable rate from this website. So, check the Nursery Live website today and make your green medicinal corner at your home.

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