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Top 10 Low Maintenance Houseplants For Lazy Gardeners

Top 10 Low Maintenance Houseplants For Lazy Gardeners

Everyone deserves a flourishing house garden! But can everyone maintain one? The answer to this question is low maintenance plants! Metropolitan lifestyles barely allow a self-care routine, so it is understandable that people may not find enough time to tend to the needs of a garden.

The plants that are included in this lists are plants that require 

Here’s our list of top 10 low maintenance houseplants that are easy to grow, hard to kill, and a smart way to elevate your home interiors as well as exteriors.

1. 9 O’Clock Plant, Portulaca 

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Native to Brazil, the perennial plant with colourful flowers boasting timeless beauty, the Portulaca is the first on our list of low-maintenance houseplants. It can be planted in the soil, potted, or even grown in a hanging pot. The plant’s beautiful flowers have an old-world charm to them.

How To Care: The 9 O’Clock Plant is a drought-tolerant plant. Overwatering 9 O’Clock Plant can be harmful. However, watering the plant when the soil appears dry is required to keep its roots strong and get good blooms.

Place it in an area that receives full sunlight for at least 4-6 hours a day.

2. Snake Plant, Sansevieria Trifasciata 

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Long, sharp, deep green leaves, growing in rosettes, the Snake Plant is an evergreen low maintenance plant. Fragrant white flowers occasionally adorn it when the plant matures. The Snake Plant is also a brilliant air purifier; it absorbs toxins and improves air quality.

How to Care: The Snake Plant can survive outdoors as well as indoors and is also known as a ‘Zero Maintenance Plant.’ Overwatering these plants can be harmful as it needs water only once every ten days. Dried soil is a good indicator that the plant needs watering.

3. ZZ Plant, Zamioculcas Zamiifolia 

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The ZZ Plant is a perennial tropical plant that is low maintenance and easy to grow. The foliage of small glossy leaves makes the plant attractive effortlessly. The Zuzu plant is an excellent air purifier and can remove toxins like xylene, toluene, and benzene from the air in your surroundings.

How to Care: The ZZ grows well in medium to low light. It is also drought-tolerant and can be watered infrequently, about once in 2-3 weeks. Some organic fertiliser every two months can help the plant live longer.

4. Syngonium 

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The low-maintenance Syngonium Plant brings positive energy and balances the Yin and Yang energies. The five-lobe-shaped leaves are known to represent the five elements of Feng Shui- wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

How to Care: Syngonium is a great indoor plant as it prefers indirect sunlight. Some dry-out time between waterings can help the plant grow better- overwatering should be avoided. Clean the leaves occasionally to avoid dust accumulation.

5. Money Plant, Scindapsus

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Easy to grow and care for, the low maintenance Money Plant has long been known to bring prosperity and luck to homes, improves concentration, and elevates mood. The vine-y plant hosts marbled green leaves and is also an amazing air purifier.

How to Care: You can water your money plant once in 7-10 days in hot climates and every 2-3 weeks when temperatures are low. The plant can take underwatering. Overwatering, however, may cause more harm. Some fertilisers once a month can help the plant grow better.

6. Peace Lily, Spathiphyllum


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With leaves of shiny, green-golden ovals and creamy-white hooded flowers, the Peace Lily is one of the most beautiful low-maintenance flowering plants you can incorporate in your home. Additionally, the Peace Lily is also a good air purifier.

How to Care: The Peace Lily prefers indirect light, so you can place it both indoors or outdoors accordingly. It doesn’t really like being overwatered but needs moist soil. Poke your hand in the soil, and check the moisture. If it feels dry to touch, you can water your plant with about half a glass of water

7. Spider Plant, Chlorophytum

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The Spider Plant is a low-maintenance, attractive addition to any home. It can remove about 90% of the harmful toxin commonly found in households. For this reason, you should consider placing your spider plant in your kitchen or bathroom.

How to Care: Place the plant away from direct harsh sunlight in an indirect bright light area. Direct sun can scorch its leaves. The Spider Plant prefers to dry out between waterings. Check the moisture in the soil by poking your finger to determine if your plant needs watering.

8. Jade Plant / Elephant Bush, Portulacaria Afra 

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An extremely popular low-maintenance succulent, the Jade Plant is considered the money plant or dollar plant in many cultures. It is believed to bring good fortune to its home and hence makes a good gift. The fleshy, bright green leaves are symbolic of growth and renewal.

How to Care: The Jade Plant prefers 3- 4 hours of morning light. It can be kept indoors to decorate a desk, table, or any other place. It doesn’t need watering until the top 3-4 inches of the soil are dry. Consider poking the soil to check.

9. Star Cactus, Haworthia Retusa

A perennial, rosette-forming succulent, the Star Cactus is a small, low-maintenance plant you can bring home. Its shiny green leaves are triangular, thick, and translucent. When cared for well, the Cactus can bloom small white flowers from spring to summer.

How to Care: This succulent can be placed outdoors or in an indoor location that receives 4-6 hours of sunlight. It is small in size, so it can be used as shelf decor too. However, do not suffocate it in a dark room.

10. Aloe Vera, Ghrita Kumari

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A low-maintenance easy-to-grow plant, Indian households have been growing Aloe Vera for years. Despite being a sturdy plant that’s hard to kill, the Aloe Vera is a beautiful succulent and can be used as house decor. It is also known for its medicinal and ayurvedic benefits.

How to Care: Aloe Vera loves natural bright light both indoors or outdoors, but direct harsh sunlight can cause damage. You can water it once a week in summers and space the waterings even more in winters and rainy seasons.

Successfully maintaining a house garden is about finding plants that suit your ability and lifestyle the best. If you think you can never maintain a plant, maybe you just haven’t found the right plants. Low maintenance plants are perfect for those with busy schedules and even for beginners just getting into gardening.
Ready to bring home some easy-to-grow plants? Check out our collection of the perfect low-maintenance plants for your space.

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