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Top 10 Indoor Flowering Plants for Add Colors In Your Interiors

Top 10 Indoor Flowering Plants for Add Colors In Your Interiors

A green ambience fills your home with positivity and tranquillity. And who doesn't like that?

The fresh fragrance of grass and flowers are soothing to the eyes and refreshing to the mind. The hectic urban lifestyle and lack of greenery in the heartland of the cities leaves an unfilled void of greenery in our lives, as it is rarely possible to shun all the work and head to the woods in search of the lush greens.

City people have to come up with a middle route by turning their homes into indoor gardens, with a variety of low maintenance indoor flowering plants and shrubs. Here we have created a list of Top 10 Indoor Flowering Plants to help you build an exquisite home interior.

1. Phalaenopsis Orchid

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Phalaenopsis Orchid is one of the classic indoor flowering plants with a moderate maintenance level, making your place look as gorgeous as one could ever imagine. It has long stems of big white flowers, which look amazingly elegant and sophisticated; you can place it near your coffee or side table.

Phalaenopsis Orchid has several species and is a trendy flowering indoor plant.

Care Instructions

  • Put them towards bright and indirect sunlight.
  • Propagate in humid conditions.
  • Water occasionally.

2. Anthurium

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Anthurium is one of the common indoor plants that is primarily grown in colder regions. With a moderate maintenance level, this plant tops the list of beautiful flowering indoor plants. Anthurium is a real eye-catcher; whether it is your living room or bedroom, its beautiful flowers and leaves are alluring.

You can put these flowers anywhere in the room, as they beautifully alter the place's aura, making everyone feel serene and content.

Care Instructions

  • Use well-drained soil.
  • They grow best in the bright light.
  • Only water when the soil is dry.

3. African Violets

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For people looking for easy to maintain indoor flowering plants, African violet is the best choice. All year long, these plants bloom beautiful and aromatic flowers that come in a variety of colours, from white to pale pink.

With filtered sunlight, you can have exquisitely flourishing African violets that makes your room and mood refreshing.

Care Instruction

  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Water once a week.
  • Use mixture or all-purpose soil.

4. Dendrobium Orchid

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Dendrobium Orchids are beautiful indoor plants that belong to the family of orchids. Whether indoors or outdoors, these plants are undoubtedly one of the most preferred flowering plants worldwide. The Dendrobium Orchid are exquisite and come in different shades like orange, red, violet, yellow, pink and more.

Dendrobium Orchids are heavy blooming plants and are native to Southeast Asia, and so it goes right as an indoor flowering plant in cities.

Care instructions

  • Orchids like a simple mixture of soil, so don't use regular potting soil.
  • Do not overwater them; check when the soil is almost dry.
  • Grows perfectly in partial sunlight

5. Kalanchoe

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Kalanchoe is generally grown as beautiful indoor houseplants that are primarily grown in warm or mild winter seasons. This is a widely available plant, which requires minimum maintenance. Its thick dark green leaves and four-petal flowers make your living room or office look attractive.

This is a must-have indoor plant with various shades like red, pink, magenta, orange, white, and yellow.

Care Instructions

  • They require outdoor temperature
  • Requires natural and bright sunlight
  • They need good drainage.

6. Gloxinia

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For people looking for low maintenance and a beautiful indoor garden, Gloxinia is the best choice. These popular perennial plants grow back after a certain period with beautiful velvet flowers.

The key care ritual for Gloxinia is to keep it fresh till it is blooming.

Care Instructions

  • Keep the plant away from direct sunlight.
  • Put it under bright and partial light.
  • Water the plant often.

7. Christmas Cactus

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One of the best indoor flowering plants is Christmas Cactus. This is a trendy flower plant that perfectly fits your indoor setting, whether it is an office or your home. Placing it near the window towards bright and indirect sun rays will help it to develop perfectly.

Cultivated gorgeously, these Pink-red flowers of Christmas Cactus are sure the show stoppers.

Care Instructions

  • Provide moderate sunlight.
  • Water it evenly.
  • Use quality soil rich in nutrients and humus.

8. Peace Lily

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One of the easiest and prettiest indoor plants are peace lilies. Not only are they easy to maintain, but they are also easy to grow and are widely available. Depending on the type of lilies purchased, most varieties grow white flowers all year long.

Besides, peace lilies have air filter quality, making your home mesmerized and pure throughout.

Care Instructions

  • They thrive in bright indirect sunlight.
  • Water heavily for proper blooming.
  • It is a toxic plant, so keep away from kids and pets.

9. Begonia

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Begonias are native to tropical and subtropical regions. These common indoor house plants grow in an asymmetrical pattern. With filtered sunlight, Begonia can bloom perfectly, giving your room a charming appearance.

Begonia plants bloom in various colours such as yellow, red, pink, orange, and more and typically have smaller flowers.

Care Instructions

  • Water it regularly.
  • Use well-drained soil.
  • Don't provide full or harsh sunlight.

10. Poinsettia

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It is one of the most beautiful indoor flowering plants belonging to the family of Euphorbiaceae. It is a common household plant that produces a stunning variety of bright red flowers, giving your living room a vibrant look. These plants can be easily grown indoors in a container or a pot.

Poinsettia enjoys semi-cool temperatures, and with proper care, they can bloom for weeks.

Care Instructions

  • Keep them in a warm room
  • Water whenever the soil is dry.
  • Provide a fair amount of sunlight.

Indoor flowering plants have become the hottest trends in cities today. More than ever, people want to become plant parents, spending most of their time researching for beautiful and easy to grow plants that beautify their home interiors. We have thoughtfully researched the most popular flower types that can be grown easily in a home environment.

Enhance the appearance of your home!

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