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Top 10 House Plants for Oxygen and Healthy Indoor Air

Top 10 House Plants for Oxygen and Healthy Indoor Air

Looking for a plant that will bring out the aesthetics of your place and purify the air as well? You are at the right place! Some plants remove air pollution and improve the air quality of the house by eliminating toxins from the environment.

There are a variety of natural plants that foster the emotional stability and health of a person by improving the environment around them. Why buy an air purifier when you can increase the level of oxygen at a place with natural plants?

Choose the right houseplants to make your home a better place to live in. Here is a recommendation list of Top 10 House Plants for Oxygen and Healthy Indoor Air

Snake Plant - The Unusual Beauty

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One of the most commonly found house plants that is both good looking and enhances the air quality is the Snake Plant, or Sansevieria trifasciata, Sansevieria zeylanica plant. They are purchased for decoration, as well as for their health benefits.

The snake plant is an extremely resilient succulent that filters indoor air, and converts carbon dioxide into oxygen at night. This plant is an excellent option to put in the bedroom or the living area. It is one of the most commonly used plants for oxygen.

Money Plant - Token of Good Luck

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An easy growing and perennially evergreen money plant is the perfect choice for fresh oxygen supply in your home. The textured leaves of this attractive climbing plant are pretty enough to add a touch of beauty to every place.

They can be placed in pots and hanging baskets to enhance and glamourise the decor of the place. The Money plant is the best to fill the house with greenery, and also among the most widely used plants for oxygen. It is also a common belief that growing money plants indoors brings in good luck, prosperity, and happiness.

Peace Lily Spathiphyllum - Low Maintenance Queen

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The beautiful Peace Lily also called Spathiphyllum plant can add a splash of green to every home. Their glossy green leaves add perfect brightness to any spot with low light, and are considered a good air purifier and a perfect plant for oxygen.

This plant releases high levels of oxygen and purifies indoor spaces. At, look for this plant and make improvements in life with quality breathing.

Aglaonema Lipstick - An Exotic Charmer

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Aglaonema siam aurora or Aglaonema lipstick plant is the perfect choice to give an exotic look to your homes, and purify the air quality at the same time. The beautiful colour of the leaves adds a dash of luxurious touch to the home.

Keeping an oxygen-generating plant like this can increase the overall quality of life. It makes a great addition to your indoor plant collection with its long-lasting properties and irresistible beauty.

5. Spider Plant - A Toxins Repellent

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Worried about the dangers of decreasing levels of oxygen in the air? The Chlorophytum Spider Plant makes an outstanding choice to raise the amount of oxygen in the environment. It is one of the best plants for air purification and looks stunning at the balcony railing, tabletops, or at the side of the window.

The researchers regard the spider plant as one of the top plants for oxygen as they ward off formaldehyde from the environment.

6. Parlour Palm - Beauty at its Best

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The Chamaedorea Elegans or Parlour Palm Plant is one of the most beautiful plants for oxygen, and enhances the beauty of any place. They are useful for eliminating harmful contaminants from the air and for improving air quality. This widely grown houseplant can easily be seen in hotels, offices, and public places as well.

This easy-to-grow plant is one of the best and easiest solutions for polluted surroundings.

7. Heart-Leaf Philodendron - All Hearts For This One!

Buy Heart-Leaf Philodendron 

Philodendron Scandens Oxycardium or Heart-Leaf Philodendron plant is a gorgeous green colour plant used to decorate the garden spaces. This green leafy plant is an important toxin and impurity cleanser, and one of the most widely used plants for oxygen.

Try growing this green beauty in your home, and have fresh air all around.

8. Areca Palm - To Bring You the Calm

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Areca Palm Plant helps in removing the impurities and pollutants from the air. The leaves have a vivid green trim that will provide your home with a spark of green colour. These plants can easily be placed on the side of the stairs or the balcony.

The Areca Palm Plant is good for any home or workplace to ensure better breathing.

9. Nephrolepis Exaltata Fern - A Forever Member

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The Nephrolepis Exaltata Fern Green Plant is one of those famous plants that perform photosynthesis during the day time. It is also called Boston Fern or Sword Fern. This makes them absorb harmful pollutants that are easily found in the house environment. It is also one of the most widely used plants for decorative purposes.

For both aesthetic and health advantages, consider introducing this plant for oxygen in your house. It is an evergreen perennial, a must-have for your space.

10. ZZ Plant - A Prominent Healer

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Research shows that the Zamioculcas zamiifolia, or ZZ plant creates a soothing and harmonious environment. This attractive plant is very effective in increasing the level of oxygen in the air by as much as 30 percent of the existing levels. They are also believed to provide excellent healing treatment for chronic lung diseases.

It is one of the most recommended plants for oxygen, and very easy to take care of at home.

Plants are the best suppliers of oxygen, along with lots of other features. Apart from being the best choice of plants for oxygen, the above-mentioned plants also bear some other medicinal properties. To create a designer interior and to give your homes a breath of fresh air, try growing these attractive plants.

Get the best options of plants for oxygen from NurseryLive, and stay tuned for more interesting blogs. It’s time to start planting. What are you waiting for?

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