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Top 10 Hibiscus Plants Varieties Every Garden Should Have

Top 10 Hibiscus Plants Varieties Every Garden Should Have

Hibiscus symbolizes personal glory in Chinese culture. It is the unofficial national flower of Haiti but it is officially a favourite for all of us!

Everyone dreams of having a blissful start in the morning with a refreshing looking garden in front of the house or on their balconies. If you are planning to add a touch of colour to your garden, opt for these beautiful Hibiscus plants. They come in bright reds and pinks, and will absolutely adore your garden.

Spreading its fragrance all around, the Hibiscus plant is a flowering plant that is generally grown in warm tropical climates. Its vivid dark and light flower petal shades and fuzzy pollen can captivate anyone.

Look at our researched list of top 10 Hibiscus plants to get your favourites one right now.

1. Rarest Hibiscus Mutabilis Plant

Buy Hibiscus Mutabilis

Hibiscus Mutabilis plant leaves have broad green foliage. Its soft hairy leaves have a coarse texture that gives the plant a distinctive eye-catching look.

These Hibiscus plants’ flowers open white and gradually change their colour in deep pink in two to three days. This plant is an excellent choice for a specimen plant.

2. Brilliant Red-Coloured Hibiscus, Gudhal Flower

Buy Red Hibiscus Gudhal Flower

Hibiscus plant is grown as an ornamental plant in the tropical and subtropical areas. These evergreen shrubs grow into brilliant red flowers with five petals and yellow-tipped red anthers. Hibiscus Gudhal flower plants, rich in medicinal values, are the best ornamental shrubs in the warmer areas.

3. In all Colors - Hibiscus Hybrid Gudhal Flower Plant

Buy Hibiscus Hybrid, Gudhal Flower - Any Color

Since they are perennial in nature, Hibiscus Hybrid Gudhal plant blooms excellent flowers all seasons. These hybrid flowers are available in different colours, such as valentine red, summer yellow, pearl white, or peach-coloured.

Hybrid Hibiscus plants can be easily grown in well-drained soil. The soil should be slightly alkaline. These plants are vigorous and sturdy and therefore, very long-lasting.

4. Perennial Hibiscus Gudhal Flower (Double)

Buy Double Gudhal Flower

The Double Gudhal flower plants are perennial. They come under the hybrid variety of Hibiscus plants. The flowers bloom well in both full sun and shade. Hibiscus Gudhal Flower (double) is popularly known as China Rose.

The large double bell-shaped blossoms are mostly used for ornamental purposes. The flowers can grow up to 8-10 cms.

5. Woody Based Hibiscus Moscheutos

Hibiscus moscheutos are commonly known as Swamp Rose Mallow or Hardy Hibiscus. Moscheutos - the perennial shrub has several sturdy stems arising from a single crown. The broad heart-shaped leaves are greyish and green in colour.

This flowering plant grows best in moist and organically rich soils. It can be easily grown in large containers.

6. Exotic Korean Rose- Hibiscus Syriacus

The plant belongs to the flowering family of Mallow. It originates from the Southeast part of China. Hibiscus syriacus are hardy deciduous shrubs.

The flowers are generally pink in colour with yellow-tipped white stamens. Its large and flat blossom has nectar, which attracts hummingbirds. These excellent flowering Hibiscus plants can be planted in groups and can be used as a specimen as well.

7. Tall Shrub Plant Hibiscus Brackenridge

Hibiscus Brackenridge is most commonly grown as a decorative plant for outdoors. This yellow flower plant grows up to five meters tall. They can blossom either alone or in clusters forming at the ends of the branches.

As it is known for its mild fragrance, this bright and attractive yellow flower is the best pick for plant lovers who want to avoid flowers with a strong scent.

8. Evergreen Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis

Buy Hibiscus Rosa - Sinensis

Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis is an evergreen shrub and is pollinated by insects. Moist soil is the most suitable for growing Rosa-Sinensis. The flowers are sweet and refrigerant. It soothes irritated skin and is used for treating various diseases and illnesses such as coughs and cold, etc.

The flowers of this plant are edible and can be used in dishes like salads and beverages such as tea. This flowering plant is also called as Hawaiian Hibiscus.

9. Filamented Hibiscus Schizopetalus

Most of the Hibiscus plants have bell-shaped flowers with broad petals. If you want to experiment with a different Hibiscus plant type, then you must plant Hibiscus Schizopetalus. This plant blossoms with filamented or frilly petals and attractive stems like anthers with yellow tips.

These plants are also commonly called as Coral Hibiscus and Japanese Lantern.

10. Bowl-Shaped Hibiscus Denudatus

Hibiscus Dendatus is a native of California. This bowl-shaped small shrub plant, Hibiscus Denudatus blooms delicate-looking flowers. This plant has a few white fuzzy leaves on its stems. The pale white-coloured flowers with white-tipped orange pollen give it a dewy look in the garden. These plants can be easily grown even in dry places.

This plant is perennial in nature and therefore, can bloom throughout the year.

Hibiscus plants are among the most preferred choices for flowers by gardeners in India. At Nurserylive, there is a huge variety of plants available with lots of different properties. Have you selected your favourite Hibiscus plants from the list? What are you waiting for? Pick any of these top suggested plants to decorate your gardens all seasons.

Read more about the plant care tips and tricks to take care of your lovely plants properly.

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