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Top 10 Herb Plants for Your Kitchen  Garden

Top 10 Herb Plants for Your Kitchen Garden

We require herbs in our everyday life. These herbs make our dishes aromatic, tasty, and healthy. Of course, we all buy herbs from the market, but do you know that most of these herbs can be easily grown indoors. Yes, you can now easily grow these herbs inside your home and make your kitchen garden.

Below given are the top 10 herbs plants that are guaranteed to make any dish heavenly -

1. Origanum Majorana/Marwa 

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This is a dry dwarf shrub. These plants are up to 60 cm tall in height. They have whitish, oval, and grey leaves which make them an attractive houseplant. The flowers of these plants are arranged in the form of a spike. The fragrance of these leaves is very aromatic and will fill your kitchen and complete house at the same time.

These leaves are used as a flavoring ingredient in several dishes like dressings, eggs, vegetable dishes, soups, salads, and likewise.

2. Tulsi Plant 

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Tulsi plant is one of the major aromatic cuisines which are used in many foods. Basil is one of the easiest plants to grow indoors. Basil goes well with tomatoes. You can pluck some fresh leaves and add them to your salad, sandwiches, or even sauce. With basil, you can make your pesto sauce.

Basil grows well in brightly lit conditions. Make sure that you water it regularly so that the plant doesn’t dry.

3. Mentha Arvensis/Japanese Mint 

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A wild mint that is well known as a perennial herb. This plant has smooth leaves and is highly aromatic. The plant has rich flavors when crushed lightly with hands. Some parts of this plant are used to treat cold and infections.

Mint plant has anti-bacterial benefits, and thus, it is used as an essential oil at the same time. It is used as a major food season for some dishes. The juice of these leaves helps to treat diarrhea and dysentery. The leaves of this plant are also quite helpful for patients suffering from hypertension.

4. Oregano Plant

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Oregano is a member of the mint family and is a must-have in Mediterranean cuisine. The fresh leaves of oregano go well with some dishes like meat, sauce, salad, soups, casseroles, and a lot more. The best part about oregano is that you can use both dry and fresh leaves of this plant.

These plants require moderate to bright light. Water them as per the demand.

5. Parsley Plant 

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Parsley plants deserve a place in your kitchen. You can use them as a garnish or in your food to enhance the taste. These leaves add much-needed color and flavor to your dish. Parsley plants can be harvested easily from the stems, and they give you a fresh plant very soon.

Make sure that you put the parsley plant in organic soil and provide it plenty of sunlight to grow and prosper.

6. Sabja Plant/Sweet Basil/Ociumum Basilicum


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Many of you might think that basil seeds are only for growing basil plants, but did you know that you can eat them directly as well? The seeds of this look quite similar to sesame seeds, but they are black. This plant has a high degree of relevance in ayurvedic as well as Chinese medicine.

This plant is an excellent source of minerals, and thus, quite helpful for young kids and women.

7. Stevia Plant/Stevia Rebaudiana 

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This flowering plant is well known for its sweet leaves. It is used in both fresh and dried form to sweeten the beverages and dessert items. Stevia can be used as a healthier alternative to sugar. It is a tender perennial herb that reaches approximately 2.5 feet in height.

This plant requires well-drained soil and high humidity conditions.

8. Lemon Balm Plant 

Lemon Balm Plant

This perennial herb is a member of the mint family. It has a citrusy scented leaf that grows well in cold weather. It is one of the must-have ingredients in meat and many other poultry items.

This plant flourishes in full sun conditions. Lemon balm grows quite well with broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and other plants.

9. Mentha Pulegium/Pennyroyal Plant 

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It is a herbal plant that has culinary uses and decorative looks. This perennial plant has reddish-purple blooms. This is a low-growing plant that has tiny, slim leaves. These plants can be propagated through the seeds, cuttings, or spring division.

10. Thyme/Thymus Vulgaris Plant 

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The thyme comes in a wide number of varieties, and it has numerous flavors as well. It is one of the major ingredients for some cuisines all over the world. This plant has tiny leaves and trailing stems that make it an attractive houseplant.

Make sure that you pot the thyme plant in organic soil that has good drainage conditions. The plant requires plenty of bright light and water on-demand basis.

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