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Top 10 Garden Plants For your Collection

Top 10 Garden Plants For your Collection

It doesn't matter what your garden size is; there is always room for one more plant. When it comes to garden plants, people prefer to house variety and colorful plants. Some of the best garden plants include - perineal, shrubs, succulents, or year-round trees.

Below we are sharing with you a list of the top 10 garden plants which we are sure every gardener is going to love -

1. Rose 

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Roses are beautiful and romantic and come in many color varieties. They can be potted in small pots or directly into the soil. Roses are also annual plants and come with easy maintenance and care. 

Roses perform quite well in well-drained soil and can be propagated easily through rosebuds.

2. Hibiscus 

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Hibiscus plants are extremely tolerant and perfect for every setting. Hibiscus also comes in a lot of color variants, and they have huge bell-shaped flowers. Hibiscus plants perform quite well in well-drained soil conditions.

When it comes to fertilizing, these plants can be fertilized only once a year, and that too, with organic fertilizer.

3. Jasminum Sambac 

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A perfect mix of shrubs and vines with more than 200 spices available worldwide. Also known as Mogra, Jasmine is an Indian flowering plant that is white. It is one of the most fast-growing and easy trailing plants.

Jasmine has several medicinal benefits, especially in case of any liver diseases. It adds a graceful look to the place and is an evergreen plant.

You can even add jasmine petals to your regular tea and enjoy a delicious jasmine-infused tea.

4. Plumeria 

These are stunning and highly decorative plants that come in a variety of colors. They are like ornamental shrubs which come in full bloom sunlight.

They perform quite well in well-drained soil and just require some pruning from time to time. These plants are well tolerant to sand and windy conditions, but they might face some problems in the cold. These trees can be planted both in soil and directly in the vase with water.

5. Croton

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Croton, also known as garden croton, is one of the large shrubs that can grow up to 10 feet tall. It comes in different color varieties like - green, yellow, and many others. Crotons are very fast growers when it comes to well-drained soil conditions.

These plants are a lover of moist soil and thus make sure to maintain the same. This plant does not require too much nutrient-rich food. You can provide them with an organic fertilizer every six months.

6. Bougainvilleas 

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These are thorny, ornamental plants that come in different colors. They are widely used to decorate the entrances or the gardens. Bougainvilleas are fast-growing trailing plants that normally outgrow the pots.

These plants are sun lovers and perform quite well in full bloom sunlight. They also feature in the category of annual plants.

7. Ixora 

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This is one of the major flowering plants that fall in tropical evergreen trees and shrubs has around 562 species. These are annual plants that are seen in small chunks. These plants perform quite well in well-drained soil and full bloom sunlight conditions.

Ixora plants are highly valuable plants, and they hold a high degree of religious importance. These plants can be used as an ayurvedic medicine too.

8. Cypress Golden 

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A beautiful plant which when fully grown, forms a triangle shape. This plant has thin thread-like leaves of bright golden colors. Cypress has a high resemblance to the conifer plant, but they don't produce flowers, unlike conifer plants.

Cypress is a slow-growing plant and takes approximately 20 years to mature to 6-8 feet.

9. Adenium 

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Adenium is majorly a desert plant, but you can plant it anywhere with loads of sunlight. They just require moist soil, and thus, watering once a week is sufficient for them. 

Adenium plants can be propagated through the seeds in well moist soil. But the plants will take approximately 7-8 months to bear flowers.

10 . Palms

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If you are a fan of tropical landscape then nothing conjures the idea better than having palm trees in your collection. In olden times, Assyrians valued the palm tree most. 

Palm trees can instantly transform your space aesthetics given know how to pic perfect type for you.

Having a garden in your home is a present-day blessing. The above given are some of the best garden plants. You can buy all of these plants and much more from the house of Nursery Live.

So, what are you waiting for? Nurserylive is an urbane jungle where a huge variety of plants, be it garden plants, ornamental plants, sacred plants, medicinal plants, and much more, are stocked. You can get your choice of plants from this website at attractive prices. Other than these plants, you can find a huge stock of plant accessories too. Be it pots, pot stands, stones, watering cans, or anything else!

Nurserylive is truly a one-stop solution when it comes to all your green needs. Go check the website today and bring home the amazing green goodies. Your orders will be safely delivered in a sanitized box at your doorstep. That’s it from our side. Let us know what you are planning to buy in the comments down below. We would love to hear from you soon.

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