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Top 10 Fragrant Flowering Plants  For Ultimate Garden Bliss

Top 10 Fragrant Flowering Plants For Ultimate Garden Bliss

Smell can arguably be one of the most overlooked aspects when designing a home garden. Tickling all the human senses, it is a feat that can truly set your garden apart; making it a space you cherish, and impressing every visitor.

Ready to elevate your garden to more than just pretty potted plants. Here are our picks for Top 10 Fragrant Flowering Plants.

1. Arabian Jasmine / Mogra (Jasminum Sambac)

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The delicate white flowers of the Arabian Jasmine Plant, flower all-year long and can fill your space with a mellow uplifting smell, which carries the perfect blend of nostalgia and calm.

Mogra is native to the Indian subcontinent and has been a part of the lives of many Indians for years. From gajras to adorn your locks to decor or perfume, who can resist taking a whiff of this heavenly scent.

The Jasminum Sambac grows easily and involves little care. It’s the perfect addition to your outdoor or balcony garden. It is a small shrub that remains evergreen with flowers blooming perennially.

2. Tuberose / Rajnigandha (Polianthes Tuberosa)

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Long, clustered, white flowers and bright green leaves adorn the Rajnigandha plant. An elegant, honey scent from the flower brings peace and serenity. The night-blooming flowers can surely add a sophisticated edge to your space.

Native to Mexico, Tuberose is a scent widely used in perfumes and home fragrances.

The Polianthes Tuberosa plant is easy to grow and does well in good sunlight. If you want to enhance the aura of your garden and make it truly dreamy, a Tuberose plant is the way to go!

3. Plumeria / Champa

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The clusters of yellow, white, pink flowers of the Plumeria plant emit a sweet scent. The scent emits serenity, alertness, and feelings of positivity.

Being native to warmer climates, the Champa flowers have found a significant affection in Indian hearts. It is also a smell used popularly in perfumery and home decor.

The Plumeria plant needs 4-6 hours of sunlight  and minimal care. Fertile and well-drained soil, along with pruning and regular watering, can give you flowers for years and years.

4. Honeysuckle (Lonicera)

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Beautiful bunches of scarlet-yellow, pink-white, or white-yellow flowers, adorn the Honeysuckle plant. As the name suggests, the honey-like smell encompasses your surroundings. Hints of vanilla from the long-blooming flowers will make your days pleasant and nights soothing.

Native to North America and Eurasia, these shrubs are highly colourful and equally fragrant. The twining vines give a summer garden feel when draped. The beauty of the plant makes it the perfect blend of aesthetics and aromatic goodness.

The plant thrives in full sun or even partial shade. The plants don’t need too much watering, and you can use any organic fertiliser to fuel its growth.

5. Juhi (Jasminum Auriculatum)

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The dainty, satiny, white flowers of Juhi sit on a throne of small dark green leaves on a bushy plant. The peculiar smell of Juhi is wild, rebellious, and yet the most unexpected.

Juhi’s age-old fondness among Indians is a testimony to its timelessness and classic qualities. They have multiple uses; from ornaments, and religious offerings to perfumes and hair oils.

The Indian Jasmine plant can grow up to nine meters and is relatively easy to grow and take care of. Don’t be surprised if hummingbirds and butterflies pay you surprise visits from time to time.

6. Mandevilla / Rocktrumpet

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Flowers of yellow, pink, white, maroon, or red add an immediate tropical flair to your home garden. The fragrance of Mandevilla is like that of a gardenia- warm, bright, and uplifting. The small shiny green leaves accentuate the showy pigmented flowers that bloom year-round.

These flowering vines thrive well in warm weather.

If you are looking for a low maintenance fragrant plant for your balcony or even indoors that blooms year-round, look no further. A Mandevilla as a choice of colour is just what your home garden needs right now.

7. Roses

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The everlasting beauty of Roses transcends ages. A smell that is relaxing, uplifting and restorative, and can calm anyone. Roses can be the classic addition your home garden needs.

It is believed that the enchanting beauty of the various varieties of roses pleases humans and Gods alike and can be used for many beauty rituals.

Rose plants can be found in many sizes and varieties. You can definitely find one that suits your needs, taste, and ability to care, the best.

8. Lavender (Cuphea Hyssopifolia)

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Lavender plants are attractive plants with small evergreen flowering shrubs with a purple hue. These emit an earthy scent and have even proven to lower anxiety and stress levels.

Home fragrances, perfumery, aromatherapy have embraced lavender, and how! Care for it right, and the Cuphea Hyssopifolia plant will offer you with its aroma, beauty, and flower for years!

Bright natural light, regular watering, and fertile soil rich in organic content are some requirements for a year-long bloom.

9. Night Blooming Jasmine / Raat Ki Rani

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The long tubular white-yellow flowers of the Raat Ki Rani bloom during the night. They release a strong sweet perfume that is identifiable from 300-500 ft.

The small woody shrub also works as a beautiful house plant and is all the fragrance you will really need at home. In addition to being a potent fragrant flowering plant, the Night Blooming Jasmine is very easy to care for and blooms year-round.

10. Kewra (Pandanum Odorifer)

Kewra is a slender shrub adorned with rosettes of fragrant leaves and fragrant flowers. The Kewra plant is an overall aroma pot. The flowers' pleasant smell is like roses, but more fruity.

Widely grown and consumed in Southern India, Kewra flowers offer an elegant, rich perfume when dried. Kewra water is also widely used for culinary and medical purposes, and as an oil for home fragrance.

The plant thrives in full or partial sun and is very easy to grow. Provide it with minimal care, and it will be the best aromatic addition to your collection.

The human process of memorising aromas and connecting it to places and events is unreal. In fact, it’s one of the strongest senses of memory.

Give your home garden its own trademark scent with Nurserylive’s collection of fragrant flowering plants today.

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