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Top 10 Flowering Plants for the Soul

Top 10 Flowering Plants for the Soul

During spring, neighbourhoods get lightened up with flowers in full bloom! Flowers definitely make everything better. But what happens when it is no longer spring, and all the flowers in the surroundings are gone?

Don’t worry; the answer is simple and low-maintenance- Flowering Plants. By simply planting some flowering plants in your home, you can enjoy spring all year long. Besides aesthetically pleasing, they are natural mood uplifters that radiate positive vibes.

We have put together a well-thought-out list of the top 10 Flowering Plants that you should definitely bring into your humble abode.

1. Rose

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Rose is often considered as the symbol of love, beauty and friendship. It is a perennial flower that blooms best when placed on a window sill or a balcony receiving ample sunlight.

This flowering plant is available in a variety of colours like red, white, purple, blue and many more. It is a truly versatile flowering plant that will be a good addition to your home décor.

2. Marigold

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The marigold flower is one of the most widely grown flowers in India. Every religious and auspicious occasion is incomplete without the Marigold flower. It has an interesting history in terms of usage, which is connected to the ancient Greek, Indian, Arabic and Roman cultures.

It is also used for fabric dyeing and has a number of medicinal properties as well. Place it in your garden for a regular supply of bright coloured orange and yellow flowers. Marigolds need at least 6 hours of full sun per day to bloom well. 

3. Jasminum Sambac, Mogra

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Commonly known as the Jasmine flower plant, Mogra is a perennial flowering plant that grows all year round. The Jasmine flower has a very good fragrance and is also used to make essential oils.
This flower signifies good relationships with family and friends. Besides having a good meaning, it also has a nice aesthetic appeal when placed with other non-flowering plants.

4. Hibiscus

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This is a flowering plant that signifies glory and beauty. It is also one of the most commonly seen flowers in the spring season in India. It comes in a variety of colours and is also a low maintenance plant.

The Hibiscus flower plant will definitely be a beautiful addition to your house, preferably in a place that receives good sunlight.

5. Chrysanthemum

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This flower is commonly found in East Asia and parts of Northeastern Europe. It is often called a “mum” and gets its name from the Greek words for “gold” and “flower.” Rich with medicinal properties, chrysanthemum is used to treat conditions like angina and high blood pressure. Plant Chrysanthemum in a location that receives approximately 5-6 hours of sunlight daily. 

It has a daisy-like appearance that looks beautiful when in your room, next to the window.

6. Peace Lily

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The Peace Lily flowering plant is also called Spathiphyllum. It usually comes in the form of a hanging plant that can grow in low light conditions as well. It is very easy to maintain and is also a natural air cleanser.

Hang it anywhere in your home and upstyle the space with this serene plant.

7. Rangoon Creeper

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The Rangoon Creeper plant or Madhumalti Dwarf is an exquisite flowering plant vine that is native to tropical Asian countries. It grows fast and hardly dies. It is a perfect summer plant that would look great on your balcony, on fences, pillars and gate posts. The Outdoor area is a very comfortable space for this plant where direct sunlight fall on plant and also, a partial shade.

8. Juhi Plant

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Juhi or Jasminium Auriculatum is also commonly known as the Indian Jasmine plant. It is a small climber that is also bushy and has white flowers with a satin-like texture. Juhi will tolerate bright indoor light levels well. 

It has a calming scent that resembles a full bloomed garden-like fragrance. It will fill your home with a lovely scent and will radiate positivity in heaps!

9. Parijatak or Night Flowering Jasmine

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Belonging to the Oleaceae family, Parijatak is one of the flowering plants that bloom in the night. This flowering plant has flowers that resemble a pinwheel pattern that never fails to catch attention.

It has soft white flowers, with an orange middle, and are a perfect fit for your sunny balcony.

10. Kalanchoe

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Along with the classic Rose, the Kalanchoe flowers are also a common Valentine’s Day gift. It is a symbol of love and beauty. Its sheer beauty is eye-catching and looks amazing wherever it is placed.

It also helps in increasing concentration levels and is a mood uplifter. Since they are succulent, they are very easy to maintain as well.

Flowering plants are excellent to uplift your space. It becomes even better when they have heavenly fragrance, just like most of the flowering plants in the list provided above.

So which flowering plants are you going to add to your beautiful home to make it bright and radiant?

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