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Top 10 Flowering Orchids To Bloom In Your Abode

Top 10 Flowering Orchids To Bloom In Your Abode

Orchids are a fascinating family of flowers that share an evident mono-symmetry in their structure. The exquisite flower hails from one of the largest flowering plant families and is widely distributed across the world. Orchids are colourful aromatic flowers that represent luxury and beauty.

Orchids are often called the harmonious family of plants. These special species grow peacefully, adapting to the temperatures of different areas. Not just are these a luxurious addition to the garden, but these beautiful blooms also hold a distinctive place in bringing good luck. Feng Shui considers orchids to aid in the enrichment of relationships and nurture them for peace and love.

A blossoming orchid in your house garden is sure to enchant your senses with the tropical warmth during wintry days. These exotic-looking flowers will give you the feeling of a magnificent heaven. Alongside being a carrier of spiritual connect, orchids will wrap your home with delightful hues. A great gifting option or a pretty accessory, the multi-use of orchids makes them even more luxurious flowers.

Bring an orchid home, and watch it bloom into the strikingly charming flower it is titled.

Here are the top 10 flowering orchids that will bring to your home - peace, love and beauty.


Buy White Pink Phalaenopsis

The Phalaenopsis or the Moth Orchid as it is commonly called is one of the easiest to be grown amongst all the other orchids. With basic care, you will have some amazing months of beautiful flowering.

Phalaenopsis blooms in various colours like white, pink, lavender, and yellow. These are often grown as a houseplant in bright but indirect light and moist soil. These splendid blossoms enrich your space with elegance symbolizing purity and innocence.


Buy Denrobium

Belonging to a large family of orchids, Dendrobium is a popular houseplant. These evergreen plants grow in diverse regions and find a special mention in the 50 fundamental herbs used for traditional Chinese medicine.

This flower is said to nourish the stomach and has anti-inflammatory benefits when used for medicinal purposes.


Buy Habernia 

Commonly known as the Rein Orchid, Habenaria spreads across all the region. It can be grown in both tropical and subtropical zones. The white, green, and yellowish coloured flowers are small in size and arranged along a tail.

Belonging to the demanding bloom nature, they need attention during their cultivation. Habenaria must not be exposed to direct sunlight, but a strong air movement and humidity is a must for it to flower properly.


Buy Cymbidium

Cymbidium is also called the Boat Orchid. It is an indoor plant that needs direct bright light, but low temperature. They are amongst the long-lasting flower sprays which are native to the Himalayas.

The colour of a Cymbidium is usually pink, green, or yellow and is most commonly used in making corsages. Being a symbol of elegance, friendship, femininity, and morality, this lovely bloom is a must for every home.


The exotic flower with a rich aromatic presence, Zygopetalum is a cool rainforest flower plant. It prefers an indoor environment with bright light and cool temperature. Watering of these flowers is a delicate task that should be carried out carefully.

The species of Zygopetalum is amongst the smallest of orchids.

Budding in dark blue to brownish-green colour, these beauties bloom from late autumn to early springtime. The spectacular appearance of these orchids makes them desirable for a luxurious looking space.


Buy Cattleya - Pink

A native tropical American Orchid, Cattleya with the name itself suggests beautiful. Often referred to as the “Queen of orchids”, this spring flower has the most uniquely formed appearance.

The various colours in Cattleya, like white, pink, purple, red, orange, yellow, and blue makes it, in its real sense, the bright queen of orchids.

It is a houseplant that requires good light, humidity, and air movement. A defining beauty, Cattleya adorn not just special occasions but house gardens too.

7.Caleana, Flying Duck orchid

Buy Flying Duck Orchid

The tiny flower, true to its name, produces a distinguishing duck-shaped bloom. This native Australian flower blooms in the spring and summer season. This flower is famous for its unique feature of duck in-flight appearance.

A Flying Duck Orchid would attract male sawflies who mistake this lovely flower to be the female sawfly. This uniqueness of this amazing flower ensures the pollination is being performed. This wisdom of flying duck orchids brings this flower to the must-have list.


Buy Purple Spathoglottis

Commonly called the Purple Orchids, Spathoglottis are an evergreen terrestrial orchid. These beautiful orchid flowers can usually be seen as garden plants in warm to cool temperatures.

They need bright light, high humidity, and good air movement to bloom naturally. These purple coloured fragrant Spathoglottis are used in making flower ornaments and as a decorative piece in the garden. Exuding royalty in all its form, this blossom embraces the space it grows in.


Buy Phaius

Phaius, also called the Swamp orchid or Nun’s cap, is an evergreen terrestrial plant. The blooming conditions of this flower need indirect sunlight, dripping water, and good water-soluble fertilizer.

Phaius blooms in colours like brown, white, and pink. They are magnificent flowers shaped like a nun with a bowed head.

Phaius is found in the eastern regions of Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, and China. Famous for its unusual shape, this orchid is a delight to be grown in the house garden.


Buy Vanda Orchids

Native to Asia, this heat-loving orchid Vanda is a beautiful stemmed flower. With minimal care, this flower blooms cycling through several months of the year. Vanda requires good light, moist soil, high humidity to blossom. They are known for their strong and large roots, which cannot be contained in a pot.

A Vanda orchid would usually blossom in red, pink, orange, yellow, purple, blue, and white. These exquisite flowers are famous for the long-lasting fragrance that brings a sensational aroma to the space.

Counted amongst the world’s most extravagant flowers that define exotic elegance and purity, orchids can make a home or garden look stunning. These ancient symbols of strength defining royalty can be the next blooms sitting in your house. Don’t you desire your home to exude the charm of the flowers whose beauty is hard to deny?

Associated with the old yet diverse eastern culture of love and strength, make sure you find your next pick in these gorgeous blossoms. Check out our section of flowering orchids and bring home your favorite bloom.

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