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Top 10 Flowering Creepers To Make Your Garden A Happy Space

Top 10 Flowering Creepers To Make Your Garden A Happy Space

The idea of having flowers carpeting your wall in various hues, enhancing the outer and inner beauty of your house fascinates every person. For all plant-lovers, designing a corner rich in blossoms that can make the garden look full while giving a refreshing and graceful appearance is a dream come true.

To savour your green thumb and help your creative side blossom with a lush atmosphere, flowering creepers are your best bet to create a pleasant aura. They are not as high maintainence as they might appear.

There is something exceptionally splendid about flowering creepers, that makes them add a touch of panache to your abode. Now that you have decided on giving your garden and your home space a lush green makeover, we have also been on work. Here is our list of Top 10 Flowering Creepers to make your decision easy.

1. The Trumpet you will Embrace - Allamanda

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Famously known as the Green trumpet or Yellow Bell, Allamanda is an evergreen vine most suitable for open gardens. It's vibrant, sweet-aromatic flowers, which are shaped like a trumpet embellish the garden in a dreamy manner.

They are easy-going creepers that can beautify your hedges or ground covers. This striking many-hued creeper shrub is a favourite of many for the year-long flowering in warm regions. With direct light and lots of water, allamanda can bloom in the most graceful way to give your space a dose of elegance.

2. The Star of the House - Garlic Creeper

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Garlic Creeper is a species of creepers that blooms so majestically that it is a sight to behold. It blossoms gorgeous lavender flowers with an aroma that can awaken your senses and give you a relaxing feeling. It’s leaves are widely used as a remedy for common flu and cough.

Garlic creeper is the perfect outdoor plant that requires moist soil and enough sunlight for full growth. You can support this flowering creeper with an aluminium string or a fencing chain and decorate your fences or walls through your creativity. Bring this lovely home and rejoice the way it will ornate your abode.

3. Quite a Charmer - Madhumalti

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With multi-hued flowers growing in clusters, Madhumalti makes for a wonderful creeper that will glamourize your home. It is also known as Rangoon Creeper, and is famous for its colour-changing flowers, which gives it an enchanting feature and is best for adorning your outdoors.

Perfect to embrace your balconies, ramp, fences and rooftops, give this flowering creeper space to thrive, sufficient water and you will have yourself these beauties to cherish forever.

4. The Flavouring Queen of Vines - Geranium Ivy

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This beautiful ornamental plant blooms in clusters in the warm weather. Plant a Geranium Ivy in a basket or container and let it lustre through the season whilst satiating your heart. Abundant water and sunshade will keep this creeper happy and blooming.

Famous for the long-lasting flowers, adding a geranium ivy to your garden space is the easiest way to uplift your mood with its pleasing fragrance.

5. The Perfect Jazz for your Perfect Garden - Oxalis

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This nectar-giving plant is a great way to give your windows an instant makeover with its luscious leaves. Oxalis is a beauty to watch, when it’s blooming from May to September.

With minimal attention, this flowering creeper can survive and flourish through most seasons. The delicate appearance of Oxalis, also called the sleeping beauty, amazes everyone around it. Get one today to ornate your indoors and outdoors.

6. Every Garden Sculptor's Dream - Morning Glory

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Symbolising love, Morning Glory stands apt to its name and soothes everyone by its mere appearance. Its sky-blue flowers and shiny leaves are a treat to the eyes.

This flowering creeper loves light and water, but can thrive even in dull conditions, which makes it an easy to maintain plant. Enrich the environment around you by getting this lovely today and amaze everyone with its beauty.

7. The Carrier of Multi-hued Beauty - Mandevilla

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The trumpet-shaped blossoms of Mandevilla are eye-catching and magnificent. These creepers grow upside down and make your walls, rooftops, or ramp look stunning.

Mandevilla requires full to partial sunshade, and moist soil to thrive. This summer darling is an ornamental creeper that is sure to sway your heart with its multi-coloured flowers. Pick one of the many coloured varieties, bring one home today and give your place a dramatic makeover.

8. The Crowning Superstar -Thunbergia

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Commonly known as the Black-eyed Susan vine, Thunbergia is a long-living creeper that forms a carpet-like landscape over plants and walls, making it appear mesmerizing. It comes in multi-coloured blossoms that are semi-evergreen.

The flowering creeper is fast-growing and a friendly flora which loves sun and plenty of water to flourish. If you want a charming flowering creeper that can cover your entire wall, without doubt, go for this beauty.

9. That Passion you didn’t know you deserved - Passiflora

Buy Passiflora 

Passiflora, or as it is commonly called the Passion Flower, is a natural nerve-calming creeper and aids quality sleep. This flowering creeper is a fast-growing vine which is believed to add passion to your life.

Its unusual flowers are certain to draw your attention and mesmerize you with their beauty. Give this creeper full sun, sufficient water, and a wire support, and watch it become your favourite vine of all time. If you wish to relax after a long tiring day in nature's lap, bring a Passiflora home.

10. The Door to a Healthy Life- Clitoria Ternatea

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The pigeon-shaped flower in a vibrant blue colour makes this creeper stunning and delightful. The blue tea everyone loves comes from infusing the dried flowers of Clitoria Ternatea, also called the Butterfly pea flower. Now, you know where all the antioxidant benefits come from!

With enough support to balance its vines, well-drained soil, and sufficient light, Clitoria Ternatea can blossom beautifully. Bring this one home, and see for yourself the multi-fold benefits and the gorgeous appearance it carries with it.

Flowering creepers are an impressive way to add a drop of zing to the bland walls and garden. These stunning, carpeting florae decorate your house with the much-needed greenery. Apart from the breath-taking atmosphere they create, flowering creepers also hold onto the fresh air for you to breathe in.

Now your evening tea can be accompanied by the captivating beauty of these multi-coloured flowers hanging by the wall, immersing you in the natures therapy of peace and tranquillity. With these multiple options to choose from, your hunt for making your home stylish just took an easier turn.

Go ahead then, and find the perfect match for your serene house and treasure it forever.

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