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Top 10 Colorful Plants To Add Pop To Your Garden

Top 10 Colorful Plants To Add Pop To Your Garden

When it comes to your house’s interior design, plants do the best job of adding colours without disturbing the existing theme. They come in different shapes and sizes to fit the environment inside and outside the house.

By getting colourful plants, the air inside the home is purified, and the memory retention power of people living in the house increases, as per a recent study.

Keep reading this article to find the top 10 colorful plants with certain instructions for taking care of them.In this section, the plants are handpicked to be the best colorful plants in maintenance, appearance, and versatility. Get the ones that appeal the most to you:

1. Maroon Green

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The common names of the Maroon Green plant are ‘croton of the poor man’ or ‘painted needle.’ This plant reaches one to eight feet in height. It appears beautiful with its foliage of red, yellow, pink, green, and maroon colour combinations.

The Maroon Green plant comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes of leaves. You can add this plant anywhere in your house or garden to infuse colour in your surroundings. As this plant grows rapidly, you must keep trimming it to the required height.

2. Calathea Corona

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Calathea Corona is one of the popular plants having broad silver leaves that are tapered to form a point. The leaves have a red-coloured appearance in the middle rib area.

When the plant grows new leaves, they curl up to display a beautiful purplish-red shade. At night, the plant curls up again. The leaves look like they are folding their hands to pray.

3. Caladium Red Ruffle

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Caladium plants are known for their beautiful colours. These tropical plants have paper-thin leaves that appear like arrows in shape. These leaves come in enticing patterns and colours. For growing these plants, you require a humid atmosphere as these plants cannot tolerate cold. The soil must be rich and well-drained for the proper growth of the plant.

4. Syngonium (Pink)

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With only modest care required for its growth, a syngonim is a visibly appealing house plant that looks elegant indoors. While purifying the air in the house, the plants also add attractive hues to your rooms’ interior. The air purifying capacity of this plant has been verified by NASA. It can be placed at office desks and AC rooms with lowlights.

Keep watering the plant regularly, but only until its soil appears wet. Over-watering could cause damage to the roots of the plant.

5. Crypthanthus Elaine Earth Star

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In moderate climates, Crypthanthus Elaine Earth Star grows well in outdoor environments. Otherwise, they are perfect for indoor spaces. During its lifetime, this colourful plant blooms once to produce bright flowers around the leaves.

Also known as starfish plants, these colourful plants thrive well in humid environments even when the temperature rises above 37-degree Celsius. When placing them around your house, ensure the absence of direct sunlight over them.

6. Croton Petra

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With scarlet, auburn, and lemon colours n dark green leaves, Croton Petra makes for an aesthetically beautiful plant. Even when their growth rate is slower than other plants, it reaches a height of about eight feet after getting the required care.

Ideally, you must place these plants in areas that receive at least 6 hours of sunlight every day. Allow the plant to dry completely in between watering sessions. As the plant requires humidity, it can be placed in bathrooms that receive adequate sunlight.

7. Gold Dust Croton

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These yellow-dotted green plants are known for their bright leaves. They come in different varieties, like the Sun-spot Croton and the Croton Gold Dust.

With already bright leaves that capture a viewer’s attention, these plants produce flowers as well. A jewel can easily miss these flowers as they are hidden between the large leaves in long clusters.

Avoid placing them in locations where direct sunlight can shine upon them during the mid-day. Keep spraying water on them frequently to maintain the required humidity levels.

8. Copperleaf Plant

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The Copperleaf Plant is one of the most colourful plants listed in this article. Its leaves come in a beautiful blend of beige, orange, pink, copper, yellow, and green shades. As these plants grow up to the height of six to ten feet, they are visually striking in any environment you place them in.

Copper Leaf Plants appear bright and colourful when they are placed under direct sunlight. You can also place them in partially shaded areas with temperatures over 13-degree Celsius.

9. Aglaonema Lipstick

Buy Aglaonema

With medium maintenance, the Aglaonema lipstick plant is highly chosen to decorate the living space’s interiors. The dark-coloured varieties of this plant can be placed in any shaded area, while the lighter ones require a bright corner to grow. In terms of lighting, these plants can thrive under the artificial lights of your living room instead of direct sunlight.

The goal of increasing the humidity of such plants is by altering them thoroughly during summers. They only grow in humid conditions, which can be achieved by spraying water on them frequently during the day.

10. Schefflera Variegated

Buy Schefflera

With a hint of yellow over green leaves, the Schefflera houseplant enlivens every room it is placed in. This famous colourful plant comes in different varieties, out of which dwarf umbrella trees and umbrella trees are known by many. The reason for Schefflera’s popularity is its easy maintenance.

As they are medium light plants, you need to place them at a location that receives bright yet indirect light. If the right light conditions aren’t met, these plants become floppy and leggy. Similarly, the right way to water them is by allowing the soil to dry out completely before soaking the soil thoroughly with water.

On a concluding note, these low-maintenance plants enhance the beauty of your house in a budget-friendly manner. Are you thinking about the right location to place them? The plants listed in this article will work well at every corner of your house that specifies the conditions required for their growth. Get one of your choices today from a reliable provider.

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