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Top 10 Cactus Plants fo Adorn Your Space

Top 10 Cactus Plants fo Adorn Your Space

Cactuses, mini or big, have their own set of fanbase. For people who like to add a touch of green to their interiors without having to worry about watering or fertiliser, cactuses should be their go-to choice of plants.

Cactus are fleshy plants which are known to store water. These desert plants can go without water for days, and their unique appearance can light up any part of the room they are placed in.

This blog enlists Top 10 Cactus Plants you can have if you need beautiful, hassle-free and low maintenance plants.

1. Christmas Cactus, Schlumbergera

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Christmas cactus is one of the most beautiful cactus plants and it blooms just in time for Christmas, hence the name. This plant possesses hanging branches that can grow up to three feet in length.

The plant blooms flowers in multiple colours like yellow, pink, white, red and purple. These flowers grow up to three inches. Its flowering period lasts for several weeks.

They grow well when there are no drastic drops in temperature and the plant gets watered every two-three weeks.

2. Bunny Ear Cactus

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You guessed it, Bunny ear cactus gets its name from its leaves, which look like the ears of a bunny or rabbit. It is native to Mexico and is famous for its zero maintenance quality.

Bunny ear cactus does not need a lot of water to thrive. If you live in dry and low humid weather conditions, with plenty of sunlight, then Bunny ear cactus is just for you.

It grows into a two-three foot tall plant in a natural habitat, but, when you grow it in your home, it can grow up to two feet tall.

The most interesting thing about Bunny ear cactus is that it does not grow spines like its most counterparts. It grows cream-yellow flowers and also bears a purple fruit.

3. Moon Cactus

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Moon cactus is native to the various regions around South America. You can find around 80 species of the plant in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay.

Moon cactuses qualify as colourful succulents that do not have chlorophyll, which is why they cannot produce plant sugars via photosynthesis. They are grafted on another plant that has a lot of chlorophyll.

With this method, the moon cactus in your home can survive for years to come. These plants come in hot pink, brilliant orange, and neon yellow colours, and they thrive well in warm temperatures.

4. Pincushion Cactus

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Pincushion cactus is easy to grow cactus species that are drought-tolerant, which means they need minimum maintenance for their growth. These species grow in arid regions of the upper Sonoran desert.

They are small cute plants and can offer a great aesthetic look when placed with other succulents.

Pincushion cactus need sandy soil mixture in the pot for best growth. These are small plants that don't grow beyond six inches. They generally grow in warm temperatures.

5. Huernia Species

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Huernia is a small succulent that grows in a creeper pattern. People assume it is a difficult plant to grow, but it is a low maintenance plant if potting and soiling are done correctly.

You need to make sure that you offer it the proper amount of light to ensure its healthy growth.

6. Echinopsis

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Echinopsis is widely found in South America and is sometimes referred to as Hedgehog cactus, Easter lily cactus and Sea Urchin cactus. This is because of its spiky appearance.

It grows flowers up to the size of four to six inches. They are multicoloured and look beautiful on workstations. The colours of the flowers can vary based on the breed. If you live in a high-temperature region, it can flower round the year.

They need very less water to thrive and can go without water for days.

7. Notocactus Rutilans

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It is a small species of cactus. It comes with sharp, stiff spines and has a reddish-brown centre. These plants are free-flowering plants and are also self-fertile. They produce many seeds and bloom a lot of flowers.

Notocactus rutilans bloom in full swing when they are planted in moderate-humid climates. It grows perfectly in a little bit of shade but cannot grow in hot blazing sunlight.

Don’t overwater and place them in complete shade if you want them to bloom nicely.

8. Acanthocereus Tetragonus

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Acanthocereus tetragonus is known to grow plenty of green branches. It has branches clumped together in a vertical manner that looks like castles.

It has short white spines on its surface and is an excellent plant to grow for beginners. It is known to grow slowly and requires a soak and dry method when watering.

You can grow this plant indoors, and it blooms well in partial sunlight and partial shades.

9. Opuntia Tuna Monstrosa

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It is known to be a bushy cactus with cylindrical stems. It is a species with a lot of small cylindrical tubercles. It requires plenty of light to grow round the year except for winters.

During winters, it needs partial light and very little water to survive. Use nitrogen-based fertiliser to ensure the plant stays healthy.

10. Cylindropuntia Fulgida - Cactus Plant

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This plant is native to Mexican states like Sinaloa and Sonora. Cylindropuntia fulgida is a spiny and shrubby cactus plant with one low branch trunk and pale green irregular segments.

The fruits hang on the plant, and the areoles of the cactus produce flowers which are followed by more fruits.

For better growth, keep the plant in a sunny corner of your house and water the soil only. Avoid watering the leaves.

Houseplants have been in trend, but it becomes difficult to take care of them when you are a working professional. Hence, refer to the list of top ten cactus plants if you need low maintenance plants and succulents for some greenery in your home.

Looking for more options and cute succulents for your home? Check out our collection here.

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