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Why You Must Build Your Very Own Home Garden?

Why You Must Build Your Very Own Home Garden?

Who doesn’t like lush gardens or a place exuding floral beauty? A backyard with dazzling blooms and delicacy is what most of us will fall for. Well, creating your home garden is not rocket science. Your home garden can reward you with a bountiful of harvested veggies for your kitchen with minimal efforts.

Just a few skills topped with watering and sowing tips can turn your backyard into a flamboyant garden. It doesn’t need much of your time.

Gardening is equally useful for us as it is for the plants. Besides the nutritious veggies and alluring flowers, gardening is a rejoicing experience for your mental health as well.

So, what wonders can your exquisite home garden do? Let’s dig in deeper to find out the importance of gardening and Why You Must Build Your Very Own Home Garden?

Gardening is a panacea for your mental and physical health. From improving your arm strength to developing your artistic side of the brain, gardening does it all.

Burns calories

Calorie intake is a major concern for the mid-aged and the older population. While lifting weights or doing high-intensity exercises might not be your cup of tea, gardening can indeed be effective.

It is the perfect way to burn your calories. It is a medium-intensity workout that can burn up to 330 calories in one hour of gardening. That’s more than what you will burn by walking for an hour.

Boosts Vitamin D levels

One of the significant gardening health benefits is that it boosts the calcium level in your body. Vitamin D is the most essential nutrient to strengthen the bones.

With a fun hobby like gardening, you can get out in the sun and gain an adequate amount of vitamin D. Vitamin d is also beneficial for skin cell growth and rejuvenation.

Gardening also does wonders for people who have osteoporosis. With daily gardening tasks along with regular workouts, gardening nullifies the risk of extreme osteoporosis.

You know what you are eating

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Today, the fruits and vegetables in the market are covered with preservatives and pesticides. You never know what you are eating. Home gardening your veggies is the best we can do, to avoid harmful pesticides.

Moreover, children and adults can choose to grow whatever they want. For the vegans, home gardens can contribute to their plate extensively. Gardening encourages the consumption habit of healthy and nutritious food.

Reduces Stress

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One of the significant impacts of gardening is that it cuts off the anxiety from our life. According to Preventive Medicine reports, gardening contributes significantly in reducing anxiety and depression levels.

Experts have revealed that the stress-causing hormones called cortisol can be reduced when engaged in a hobby like gardening. Furthermore, home gardening can boost your confidence and help you achieve goals by performing such micro-tasks.

Builds community

It is always better to thrive as a community rather than doing things alone. If you are an extrovert and love building relationships, gardening can be your gateway to a happy social interaction.

If you don’t own a backyard or lack space for your home garden, a community garden is what you can opt for.

A gardener needs another gardener to learn, contribute, and partake the excellence of growing veggies and blooms. According to the Journal of Public Health, gardening in groups boosts self-esteem, elevates mood and reduces anxiety drastically.

Improves attention span

According to the American Journal of Public Health, gardening contributes significantly to reduce ADHD symptoms in children and adults.

Gardening aids in improving the attention span and brings out the best in you. Be it in your kid’s academics or curriculum or your workplace, gardening improves focus and boosts alertness.

“Gardening adds years to your life and life to your years”. Whoever has quoted this might be a visionary. The 21st century is a stressful age, and you need to add some spark to your life.

You cannot ignore the importance of plants. For the people suffering from eco-anxiety, home gardening helps them reconnect with nature and contributes to the social cause of addressing climate change.

Gardening is not just a chore but a valuable addition to a healthy lifestyle. What’s even better than keeping your garden blooming while staying fit?

Don’t wait and grab your favourite plant bulbs and gardening equipment from Nurserylive and take the first step towards creating a green space.

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