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10 Easy Terrace Garden Ideas to make you Go Wow!

10 Easy Terrace Garden Ideas to make you Go Wow!

Do you want to add a spark to your monotonous terrace garden? It is a preconceived notion among people that a terrace garden set up requires hardcore efforts and capital. But here we are to bust this myth by giving you some easy terrace garden ideas which demand minimum efforts, and are budget-friendly.

1. Add a Small Centre Table

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The first step to make your terrace place look stylish and comfortable is by adding a small, quirky table and some chairs. Here you can easily relax, and enjoy a cup of your coffee or tea.

Choose a foldable table, so that you can store it at times when it’s not needed. This table will give your terrace a rooftop cafeteria vibe. You can add a small flower vase, a cute goody basket to store a few essentials, and some candles for the night, and amplify the whole decor aesthetic of the place.

2. Add Sofa for a garden party 

There is an ongoing trend of having rooftop parties or family/friends gatherings. You can achieve that by adding a sofa and some bamboo plants. It gives a rustic vibe to your terrace.

You can layer this seating by adding synthetic grass on the floor or the walls. It looks chic, and also makes your terrace look like a rooftop garden. Trust us, your family and friends will love it so much they might never want to leave! You can check out Nurserylive’s gardening accessories for the same.

3. Use Vertical gardening to maximise number of plants

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Vertical gardening is a concept, especially created for small spaces as this style will allow to have a maximum number of plants by creating extra spaces. You also start a small vertical kitchen garden on your terrace by growing veggies such as peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and many more. Small balconies can also be transformed into bombastic green spaces if arranged correctly.

4. Throw in Plants of Different Variants

Elevate your terrace garden design by throwing in different variants of terrace garden plants; starting from cool tones to warm, whatever theme you want for your garden.

You can plant shrubs, flowers, and annual plants to add variety to your garden. You can even have medicinal plants like aloe vera, neem, and many more for some health and skin benefits.

5. Add Some Fragrances to Your Garden

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Add in some scented plants like lavender, roses, marigold, jasmine and more to make your terrace garden smell mesmerising. Some herbs like rosemary, basil, oregano have a divine aroma, and can also be used to flavour your delicious dishes.

If you follow this tip, believe us, everyone walking into your garden will be impressed by the fragrance of it.

6. Install a Shade in Your Terrace Garden.

If you want to enjoy sitting in your terrace garden in any weather, a shade is of utmost importance. It will protect you and your plants from harsh weather conditions.

You can also make your DIY shade; tall and thick plants like bamboo not only save you from harmful sun rays but also act as a privacy screen for your balcony. You can enjoy your small secluded space with a bamboo shade.

7. Light Up Your Garden

Do you also want people to feel mesmerised as soon as they enter your terrace garden? It is simple. To illuminate your garden, you can add LED lights, fairy lights, or light chains to the plants and trees. It sets the whole mood of the place and makes your night parties more fascinating. Your friends/family will be in love with it.

8. Use Old Tires to Decorate Your Garden Terrace

Creating something beautiful that is also sustainable shows your creativity, as well as your productive side. If you have old tires, upcycle them by introducing them in your garden. Tire craft is quite popular these days. You can transform your tire into a DIY plating hanger, tire table, or even a couch.

9. Set up a Theme for Your Garden

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An ongoing theme makes your garden a delightful place. Let your creative soul flow free while decorating your terrace garden and turn an entire space into a fantasy world staright out of a book. You can pick up inspiration from endless theme options available on internet. There are many miniature toys available on our website  also, which you can use in your pots or individually. These will add to the beauty of your garden.

Choose the decorative miniatures like the Buddha, fairy castles, birds nest or the cute monks from our collection or choose according to your garden’s theme.

10. Use Pebbles in Your Garden

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Pebbles are great garden beds that save the soil from erosion, harsh sun rays. They help maintain the moisture level of your plant soil when you keep them over your plants They give your garden an alluring look. Plus, it lasts you for a lifetime.

Nurserylive has a pebble collection with a variety of colour and textures options that you can check out as per preferences.

We hope this blog gives you some ideas on how to sprinkle some charm to your terrace garden. In this hustle-bustle of life, these small things ignite our living spark. Who doesn’t want to own their personal calm corner? We all do!

Having an aesthetic terrace is a blessing in disguise. If you have one, make the most out of it. We would love to listen to some of your terrace garden ideas. Happy planting!

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