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Top picks for your eco-friendly home garden

Top picks for your eco-friendly home garden

Looking for refreshing garden inspiration? With thoughtful sustainable planning and some creative ideas, you can transform your tiny home garden plot into a beautiful garden, making the most of what space you have. 

From cute bamboo designs to recycling used tyre and containers, from used cloth bags, box gardens to urban courtyards, take a look at these innovative sustainable garden ideas for you to create a perfect patch of nature to enjoy at home.

And these designs surely are quick and easy for a home makeover without investing a lot of money.

Decorate those walls, re-use Tin Containers


Grow a beautiful vegetable garden in used buckets and pots


Frame the home walls with plants and wood frames


Colour the space with beautiful tyre garden


Make use of shelf for mini garden inside home 


The best of waste! Re-use, repurpose for greens


Cherish the presence of living around. Try these pet home with roof garden

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