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Happy Mother's Day Mother Nature!

Happy Mother's Day Mother Nature!

Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year, with a few exceptions (second Sunday of February, 8th march or the fourth Sunday of Lent, etc.).

Since the early 20th century (1905), mothers day is traditionally dedicated to mothers and motherhood ideals that have existed throughout the world.

It is a day when we recognize and commemorate the role that mothers play in our lives, their importance and significance. It is the day we appreciate the presence of such amazing women in our lives.

In all this hustle and bustle, we mostly forget another mother who also plays a very significant role in the existence of every life on earth, Mother Nature.

She is the one who provides us with resources to enrich our lives, who gives our life substance and endows us with her blessings. She provides us with love and care when we are good and with wrath when we destroy her integrity.

She is the one who has always provided us with food and shelter since ancient times.

She has the innate ability to lift our spirits and add to our well-being. This mothers day, let's appreciate our Mother Nature and her significance in our lives.

Mother Nature is beautiful, and she has a presence in her which calms our soul.

When we leave our concrete jungles to visit her humble abode, it has a calming effect on our senses, we find an inner peace within ourselves, and we leave behind all our stress and the weight in our minds and refresh ourselves.

The morning air in the rustic atmosphere mesmerizes our senses, alleviate our worries and troubles from our minds, and we become anew with energy.

There is enchanting beauty in nature, the sweet earthy smell in the air, the gentle rustling of leaves, the aromatic fragrance of flowers, and the luscious, succulent fruits that we savor. All these are gifts from her that we enjoy.

As long as Mother Nature is present in our lives, human beings will always thrive and flourish.

When we give back to mother nature, or plant a tree, it gives back and provide us with shade and preserves us with her bounty.

There are innumerable edible plants and fruits that Mother Nature provides us with. There are a lot of plants and herbs as per Ayurveda, which are beneficial to our health and well-being.

Whenever we are lost and need substance to satisfy our stomachs, we can forage and feed ourselves.

Living alongside mothers creation has a direct and indirect benefit to our physical and mental health.

Our ancestors knew significance for a healthy living and forbade the cutting down of trees. The Vedas scriptures have text which let us know about how important trees have in our lives.

Mother nature has bestowed us generously with trees provide us with shade and help rest our bodies during a hot summer day. The shelter us from rains and storms.

Their mere presences help diminish mental stress and fatigues and increases the feeling of relaxation and uplift our mood levels.

When we disregard nature, it affects our entire environment. Cutting down of trees increases the level of erosion and makes the land barren. It also escalates the chances of floods which in turn destroy our homes and fields.

The lack of flora and fauna leads to drastic changes in our environment. There is a certain balance in nature that is intricate by design where every flora and fauna have significant roles they play.

Curtailing certain species leads to an overgrowth of certain species that harms the natural balance in nature. This affects our lifestyle in the form of food shortage, lack of fresh air, heatwaves, and flooding.

We have to appreciate mother nature as it appreciates us and is an integral part of our lives.

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