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Experience the health benefits of keeping these plants in your home

Experience the health benefits of keeping these plants in your home

There is no surprise that we all love to be around nature., and bring a few home. It's not about a nice looking plant, but a nice looking plant that simply contributes to your health is even better.

Without a doubt, our environment influences our health too, and the right houseplant can have a huge impact on our mood, sleep quality, and even the rate of breathing.

Live plants come with a tremendous pack of health benefits.From the incredible powers of the Aloe Vera plant to the air purifying attributes of the Peace Lily, here's our guide to the top five indoor plants that will help you in positive ways.

Aloe Vera:

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An aloe vera plant purifies the air of formaldehyde and benzene to chemicals usually found in household cleaning products ‚ and has marvelous healing properties too.

An aloe vera has gel inside its leaves which is full of vitamins and has anti-bacterial properties making it perfect for healing minor cuts and burns and sunburn.

Snake Plant:

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The Snake Plant or Mother-In-Law's Tongue is one of the most valued plants for purifying air inside the home. The experts at NASA have found this plant to be highly effective at removing the toxins that naturally build up in the home.

Spider Plant:

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This low maintenance and easy to care, the spider plant is a great choice for those who are new to keeping indoor plants. It's very well known to battle common toxins which are mostly found in our surroundings including carbon monoxide and xylene.

Boston Fern Plant:

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The Boston Fern looks super stylish hung inside the home. This houseplant is considered to be one of the best air-purifying houseplants. It improves humidity by restoring moisture to the air naturally too.

Peace Lily Plant:

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Peace Lily is the most elegant and attractive houseplant. Peace Lilies have been proven to fight harmful household chemicals including benzene.

The Peace Lily is also highly effective at removing mold spores from the air. Peace lilies are ideal to place in the kitchen or bathroom etc.

English Ivy Plant:

Bring an English ivy plant into your home to get rid of up to 94 % of airborne mold particles that can cause allergies. It's known to be an amazing indoor plant to keep in the bedroom and helps in easier restful nights of sleep.

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Arup Ghosh - March 26, 2021

Wish to learn about some indoor plants to absorb carbon same time highest possible air purifying.
Thanks in advance.

Arup Ghosh

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