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6 Ways To Bring Plants In Your Bedroom Decor

6 Ways To Bring Plants In Your Bedroom Decor

Interior design is, for the most part, just what it says it is: a way of constructing and curating the interiors of the structures in which we live and work so that they are both visually and physically comfortable and attractive to us. But recently we are hearing a new term – Plant Décor

What is the concept of plant décor?

Simply expressed, it is the practise of adorning our homes with plants! There are numerous reasons to add a healthy dosage of plant life in every space of your home, including your own personal wellness.

Aside from its aesthetic value, keeping plants in your house decreases toxins in the air and improves air quality, not to mention the numerous aromatherapy benefits that specific plants can provide.

These advantages include everything from decreasing blood pressure to stimulating the mind to facilitating deeper, healthier sleep and call for their inclusion in your bedroom space.

Speaking of healthier sleep, here we are discussing how you can decorate your bedroom with plants. Read On!

1.Plants On Floors

Buy plants for your bedroom floor

Plants have a lot of physical versatility, which is one of the best things about them. They can be small enough to complement a modest workstation or open shelving, or they can be enormous enough to take up entire floor area. A floor plant might also be the perfect solution for a room with too little green and too much empty space.

If you have an empty spot in your home that doesn't feel complete, you may not need to fill it with more furniture. A floor plant could be the missing piece that brings a new sense of freshness to the design while also completing the room.

2. Decorate Workstation With Plant Collections

Buy Plants for your workstation

A plant collection is a group of plants that have been brought together by a common feature or just by taste. These plant collections can be best displayed on your work table top. Plant decorating is best exemplified by collections of plants and other complementary design pieces.

Low-maintenance plants such as cactus and succulents can be chosen even if we have numerous plants to care for. Putting some careful design together with some plants can really take that décor corner to next level.

3. Decorate With Some Plant Shelfies

Pick plants for your plant shelf here !

What exactly is a plant shelfie? It's largely an Instagram term that arises from combining the phrases SHELF and SELFIE, especially when the photo shows a plant on a shelf. Plant Shelfie designs abound on Instagram and Pinterest.

Instead of staring at a chaotic shelf filled with books spines of every colour and density, plant decorating shelves and bookcases with plants and plant related artwork creates a far more favourable and restful environment. In comparison to a solid wall of books, a shelf with plants of all shapes and sizes offers more dimension and openness.

4. Bring Outdoors In With Window Sill Garden

Buy Window Sill Garden Plants

Windowsill gardens are a wonderful way to grow everything from herbs to succulents within your own room, whether you want to garden all winter or just freshen up your space with a few plants.

A windowsill garden is a collection of plants grown on a windowsill, either inside or outside your home, in a hanging window box.

Windowsill gardens are a terrific space-saving choice for home gardeners who don't have a lot of outdoor area, and they're simple to set up in compact spaces like apartments and your bedroom will do the trick too.

5. But Some Hanging Plants If You Lack Space

Buy Hanging Basket Planters

There are numerous reasons why you might wish to hang plants in your house, ranging from space constraints to pet safety to pure aesthetics. Hanging plants from the ceiling or in front of a window is one of the simplest methods to incorporate additional plants into your bedroom.

There are a plethora of options to personalise this appearance. You can try a variety of styles of hanging planters and plants until you find your favourite, from where you hang to what you hang to how you hang.

6. Use Cactus And Succulents

Buy Cactus And Succulents

Not everyone is born with the greenest of thumbs. Plant care can be difficult, and it varies based on the type of plant, the environment you live in, and how much time you have to commit to it.

Even if you haven't had the best experience with plants in the past — that is, they keep dying on you — there are a number of hardy house plants that are considerably easier to care for and are far more likely to repay your efforts with long and steady growth.

You should think about getting a cactus or succulent plant for your home. Both are desert plants that thrive in settings where other plants would struggle.

Because of their linear shape, these plants offer an intriguing aspect that works well in rooms with a more modern design approach, in addition to their robustness and endurance.

Look to your accessories, both large and tiny, to evoke the impression of plants in your home.

Bringing in a large scale plant-themed wall mural, locating cushions with your favourite flowers, or even painting a flowery landscape on your ceiling will all work to give you the feeling of having plants about.

We hope this blog must have given enough decor inspo. See you next time !

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